Can Dairy Products Cause Acne?

Can Dairy Products Cause Acne?

Do you hail from the category who believe that dairy products such as milk are essential for health?For me, milk is the most overrated substance in the world.

Do birds need milk?Even the animals don’t need milk after a specific age.Then why do humans over-emphasize the importance of milk?

Your “unconditional love” towards milk will meltdown when you get to know that it’s terrible for your skin and it may create a passage for acne growth.

I know it’s hard to give credence to the fact, but one of the reviews confirm that milk causes acne to pop out on your skin. [1]Unfortunately, that’s the half-truth.

The full truth is— there’s a correlation between whole milk, total milk, skim milk, and low-fat milk— eventually all the types of the milk.

Furthermore, the dairy products get under one’s skin by literally getting under them.Are you still denying the findings?Let’s check some science behind it.

Growth hormone is not always your friend.

Our body needs growth hormone for a particular period.

Milk covers the need of such hormones at our infant age; however, the only problem is we consume it more than we require it.

Along with testosterone and estradiol, milk contains IGF 1 hormone— the hormone which takes the growth responsibility of calves and other muscles in the body.

But after a specific age, our growth stops and so does the positive impact of milk on our nourishment.

So, when you reach the threshold age, milk doesn’t guarantee positives; howbeit, it surely throws an adverse effect on your body.

IGF 1 hormone, if taken beyond the prescribed limit, may cause skin inflammation including the facial skin. [2]

If you have been considering growth hormone as your close friend who’d always remain by your side— you are wrong.

So isn’t insulin..

If you can’t entirely trust growth hormones, you can’t trust insulin either.

Although these hormones work hard by pushing the glucose into the cells for gaining energy, it presents you the acne breakout in the return gift.

When you replenish the stomach with the processed milk pouch, you enhance the chances of insulin production.

In a series of events, milk triggers the insulin hormone, insulin hormone activates the androgen hormone, and androgen hormone agonizes IGF 1 hormone.As discussed, the IGF 1 hormone increases the growth of skin cells.

The faster the multiplication of skin cells, the higher the possibility of inflammation, and eventual acne pop-outs.

Here’s the medical review which proves that insulin resistance in the bloodstream plants the seed of acne.

Floating oil on your skin surface.

Have you seen the layer of cream floating over the milk?

That’s what your face would look if you intake a lot of milk and other dairy products.

As the growth hormone in the milk entices the skin cells to replicate faster, the sebaceous glands start secreting sebum.

Sebum secretion ensures that skin doesn’t go dry and stays oily enough to prevent skin roughening.

If your skin produces more sebum than the required, it’s more susceptible to developing clogged pores— the ultimate cause of the acne.

Moreover, Sebum furnishes a favorable environment for bacterias to survive and breed.Again, it worsens your acne by inducing inflammatory effects.

Making your skin the house of dead cells.

The best remedy for acne is to keep patience because the clogged pores fall off naturally without any medication.

It’s when the dead cells in the pores shred off.However, it’s not acceptable to the milk.

Milk sees to it that the dead cells in the pores remain intact and stuck, thereby making the skin the house of the dead cells.

With the dead cells all over your face, the excessive oil of the skin faces difficulty in making their way out of the pores, therefore leading to more acne.

The world is steadily shifting towards organic substances, and the milk is one of them.

Organic milk is much healthier than any variety of milk.