The Habits Making Your Skin Oiler (Part 1)

The Habits Making Your Skin Oiler

I have been a part of both the groups— the one who appreciates the oily skin for keeping the surface soft and free of environmental irritants, moisture; and the other one who curses skin for producing the reckless amount of oil.

It sometimes feels good to boast the soft skin while it’s equally embarrassing to get clicked because the shiny forehead reflects the flashlight.

But over time, I have learned to balance the layer of oil on my skin because I have acknowledged that my habits were contributing to far more oil production than the surface itself.

Yes, it’s our habits which make oily skin more oiler, and getting rid of them might make us less shiny.Let’s check our habits which compel our skins to produce more oil.

You wash your face multiple times— stop signaling your skin.

When your face is shining like a celestial body, you wash it repeatedly to make your skin believe that “you continue to produce, I am here to rub.”

But to your surprise, skin takes it as feedback and thinks that more oil needs to be produced against the cleansers.

Skin is a prime narcissist. It knows how to protect itself from the external variables.

So, wiping off your face in a reshuffling mode using cleansers don’t threaten it.

Instead, it entices the skin to generate more oil so that it stays soft and unharmed.I suppose the skin doesn’t shout “On your face, you hater.”

You are unable to fool your skin— give it its own medicine.

When your skin naturally produces oil, you are in a notion that it doesn’t require a moisturizer.

Yes, it doesn’t but what if you apply it?That’s when you fool your skin.

When you apply moisturizer, you are compelling the skin to believe that the surface has enough oil— so it should halt its process.Your role is to minimize the perception of the skin that it’s dry.

As it’s overly-narcissistic, you will have to beat it around the bush to make it believe that it has enough moisturizer, and it should stop pretending as a self-bodyguard.

You scrub your skin like a utensil— you can’t be a black hole.

There’s a concept in developing countries— scrub until the scrubber passes away, or the utensil dwindles.

The concept is well-carried to the skin where you scrub your skin as if you’ll make yourself the black hole today itself (which reflects nothing— not even the light).

Remember the fact— you can’t become a black hole.Again, when you are scrubbing your skin, your skin will again revert with a self-protective shield in the form of oil.

Don’t go for the products which promise to make your skin gloomy.

The more you rub, the more resilient your skin becomes— the more resistive your skin to external irritants, the higher the amount of acne.

You overdo the therapies— manage a secret operation.

Salicylic acid therapy is all-in-one powerbomb which destroys acne, seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff, corns, warts, and calluses.

But again, don’t act like an obsessed person in a relationship who can’t work without it.

Use it in moderation, and don’t let your skin know that you are applying to make it dry.

If you use it beyond the limit, it will ring the bells of dryness in the ears of the skin, and it will, in turn, release more oil than you could imagine.

It has to be a secret operation between you and Salicylic acid.Make sure that you step every inch with care so that skin doesn’t eavesdrop your strategy.

Trust me! You will have to find a middle ground between the oily skin and the dry skin because both are bad for surfaces, and unless you adopt the central theme, you will be distressed— forever.