Sunlight Is Not All Bad For Your Health

Sunlight Is Not All Bad For Your Health

Exposure to sunlight can be damaging. This has become a known fact over the years because UV ray-related skin cancer is growing by the minute on earth.

Sun rays can cause dermatitis, melasma, skin cancer and even sunburn.
These are painful diseases and do hurt one person for a very long time, yet the sun is beneficial.

It is essential for one person to face the sun every single day because the body benefits from the warmth as well as the Vitamins emitted through the sun rays.

It should be mentioned that everything in moderation, even sun rays are imperative for one’s survival.

Now, one might wonder as to how the sun can benefit a person. It should be remembered that had sun been the bad guys, the human race would have been extinct by now, for at one point of time there weren’t much products or houses to keep a man safe from the sun’s rays.

How can the sun provide any kind of advantage to any living beings?

Well, let’s not forget the very process of photosynthesis, which gives us the oxygen to breathe in.If photosynthesis is not a satisfactory response, here are some of the reasons why everyone should face the sun at least every day for a little while:

The key to your happiness:

Sun emits chemical serotonin which instigates the mind to be happy. This is actually essential for people to have because the mind needs something to be cheerful about.

There are enough reasons for one not to feel satisfied in today’s world, thus, if the sun helps to keep one happy that opportunity should not be missed.Research has been conducted where people who have less exposure to sunlight, are depressed or less happy than the people who have daily exposure to sunlight.

Improve your bone health:

Although it might seem as unbelievable, sunlight helps the bone to stay healthy. Sunlight is the natural source of Vitamin D and every time you are exposed to sunlight, you are naturally helping your bones to remain active.

This is the reason why children are left to sunbathe post their morning showers so that they can readily absorb the sunlight and keep their bones happy and healthy. It seems like a futile task for most youngsters, but there is nothing better than natural absorption of the sunlight for a healthy life.

 Control your blood pressure:

People are dependent on medicines these days to control their blood pressure.

There are so many issues that one might face because of the fluctuations in their blood pressure and might even end up relying on such medications to keep their blood pressure stable.

Only sunlight can be of significant help when it comes to blood pressure.
It is said that the nitric oxide produced during sunlight can lower blood pressure.

This does not mean that one should jump around in broad daylight to keep their blood pressure in check, as there is reverse effect as well. Blood pressure can drastically alter, with too much exposure to sunlight or if one is putting pressure on themselves while being exposed to sunlight.

Boosting your immunity system:

The production of white blood cells in the body is high when one is directly under sunlight. White blood cells help the body to build immunity and fight with the infections that might affect them.

It has been stated that due to sunlight, the body produces a significant amount of white blood cells, thus, making the body immune to most types of infection.

There are so many benefits of sunlight in our life. It is just that nothing should go overboard.

To remain healthy, even a little sunlight can go a long way.
Thus, stop hiding under the shades and try to get some sunlight for that will not hurt in the long run.

Looking for anti-aging treatments?

Looking for anti-aging treatments

It hardly needs to be mentioned that anti-aging refers to any process that stops or slows down the aging process.

Ever since our birth, our bodies are always making new cells.

This cell growth begins at infancy and continues during childhood and early adulthood.

 It is generally believed that over the years, the process of skin generation slows down which in turn reflects in the way we look.

Our skin gradually turns dull and gets a sagging appearance.

Two theories are believed to cause aging- according to the damage concept; aging is brought about by the accumulation of damage.

Internal processes like DNA methylation may also be responsible for the same.

Going by Gottschling, Dillin, and Nystrom, aging is one of the most crucial risk factors in many human diseases.

Of the 1,50,000 people who die daily, the death of more than two-thirds is due to age-related factors.

Top anti-aging treatments:

The following are some of the most effective and popular anti-aging treatments.

However, make sure you consult your dermatologist before opting for any of these:

CO2 Fractional Laser Therapy

This treatment combines traditional CO2 laser therapy with the latest laser applications.

A protein in our skin called collagen is an essential constituent in the connecting tissue which is concerned with making our skin tight and wrinkle-free.

This collagen slowly undergoes damage, thanks to the natural aging process coupled with prolonged exposure to the sun and pollution.

This, in turn, leads to the formation of wrinkles.

The Fractional Laser Therapy sends small beams of energy into the skin and accelerates the production of collagen.

Thus, your skin regeneration happens faster, and there are fewer side effects.Another benefit of this therapy is that it needs minimal recovery time.

Wrinkle-free injections:

This treatment uses fillers that are injected into the skin to lend it a more youthful and natural look.

This process is also called volumizing.

According to studies conducted to the University of Michigan, some of the fillers (based on hyaluronic acid) not only give a boost to collagen production but also minimize their breakdown.

What makes this treatment beneficial is that you need not undergo any surgery or painful laser treatment.


These are substances that fight the aging process by destroying free radicals in the skin.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that happen to form due to prolonged exposure to the sun and pollution, thus inflicting damage to the collagen.


These are molecules that trigger the production of collagen.

Studies on some peptides have indicated that they prevent the development of wrinkled on our facial muscles.

Vitamin A:

Derivatives of Vitamin A, the retinoids, have been proven to be excellent products that impede aging.

It was suggested by a study conducted on a group, with the average age being 87, that retinoids bring about a perceptible improvement in skin appearance.

Start the anti-aging process early by using wrinkles creams, eye serums, and other anti-aging skin care products that can help diminish the signs of aging.

There are also some essential habits that should be followed to help create your own anti-aging skincare plan.

 These are as follows:

  • Protect your skin from the sun by wearing hats, long sleeves, sunglasses, etc. Also, slather on the sunscreen every time you are stepping out in the sun.
  • Avoid indoor tanning as it exposes you to harmful UV rays which accelerate skin aging.
  • It is crucial to apply moisturizer every day since our skin turns drier with age, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Moisturizer traps water in our skin, making it look more youthful.
  • Wash away dirt and grime twice a day, preferably with warm water and a mild cleanser.
  • Quit smoking, as tobacco smoke contains toxins that cause dull and dry complexion, premature lines and wrinkles, loss of skin’s firmness, and so on.
  • Eat healthy foods, primarily in the form of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.
  • Get sufficient sleep, as it will give your body the time to refresh and renew itself.

How Depression Affects Sex?

How Depression Affects Sex

How Depression Affects Sex?

Depression has been a mystery to the scientist since ages! It surprising how even the most smiling of us suffer from depression.

It is undoubtedly hard to point out the suffering ones among others.Depression can be caused due to many reasons.There is no sure way to tell if something is going to lead you in depression.

Depression is more of a state of mind, much less an infirmity.Your mind puts itself in depression, and only you can recover from it.

And once you are suffering from depression, other areas of life start taking a hit as well, like your sex life.Depression can be harmful to your sex life.

No matter how much you love sex, depression will lead you to have mixed feelings about it.Let us tell you today all about the effects of depression on your sex life.

It will drain you out.

No, don’t confuse it with your 9 to 5.We’re talking about depression here.When you are suffering from depression, you feel fatigued.

And it makes you not want to sleep.Due to depression, you feel tired even after resting for a great deal of time. [1]

And when you are insomniac, feel fatigued all the time, you struggle to have good sex.

No matter how badly you want it, depression would render you incapable of feeling sexual excitement, much less indulging it.

You won’t feel love.

Having great sex with your companion is a far-fetched ambition when you can’t feel the love at all.

Depression makes you feel you’re unworthy of love, even though you are not and are loved by your family and friends.

This makes people around you feel vexed because they think they are incompetent of making you happy or even break the emotional barrier between you and them.

Fading pleasures.

Depression strips you of all the pleasures of life.Not only sex, but depression will also take pleasure out of the ordinary things in life.

You may probably feel your favorite song boring or perhaps, your favorite cuisine overrated.

And when it comes to sex, you tend to avoid it because of a lack of pleasure.No sex is sure to lead to disdain between you and your partner.

it turns you into something you’re – an emotional fool.

Believe it or not, depression turns you into an emotional fool. (or at least makes you look like one.)

A person suffering from depression is bound to have sudden mood changes and extreme feelings for even the simplest of things.

You are bound to feel happy and sad at the very same time.And guess what?

These sudden mood swings don’t go well with your relatives or your spouse, and they no longer feel the same for you.

You may feel worthless

Depression often leads a person to think that he/she is worthless.They think there is nothing good they can contribute to society.

Depression would lead even a healthy and prosperous person to feel empty or trivial.

Even the love and care of your family doesn’t help.With depression, you could end up feeling all alone in a sprawling crowd.

And more often than not, this feeling of emptiness leads to dire consequences.Consequences leading unrecoverable damage.

There are several cases of people ending their own life due to the feeling of desolation under depression.

Depression can sure be hazardous and in some cases, even fatal.

So, it is recommended for family and friends not to reject a person grieving from depression.

Family and friends must take extra care of the depressed person irrespective of how they behave.

Do you think you suffer from depression?If yes, then how has it affected your life?If not, then tell us your way to deal with a depressed person.

4 Vaginal Hygiene Tips For Assuaging HSSD

4 Vaginal Hygiene Tips For Assuaging HSSD

A healthy vagina is a sign of a healthy earth.

It’s the place from which the universe springs out (not literally but the population does).

An unhealthy pum-pum bottom may lead to rashes, infection, and in the worst case— it may deteriorate your desire to have sex.

A lot of women in the rural area complain that they lose sexual desires earlier than they should.

What could be the possible reason?

Perhaps, their vulva hygiene?

The stats also show that hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) has become prevalent in women across all the age, and it has an appropriate link with vaginal cleanliness. [1]

So, if you are facing the misery of HSDD— you may have to resort to taking care of your vagina.

Who knows— bed-breaking sessions are waiting for you.

Let’s find out some of the ways for taking vaginal care.

Wiping the bottom— move from vagina to anus.

Wiping the bottom can be an annoying task at times.

Sometimes, you refrain from rubbing the towel down under because your brains say “don’t go into the gentle dark as you’ll scrub the same towel on your face.”

With such thoughts, you either leave the lower area infectious, or you end up wiping in the wrong way.

As the vagina is close to the anus, and anus may contain bowel bacteria, you should make a rubbing practice from the vagina to anus.

Doing otherwise may spread the bacteria from anus to the vagina which may further cause issues such as vaginal itching and dryness.

So, develop the practice of scrubbing your towel from vagina to anus and not anus to the vagina.

Divorcing the feminine hygiene products.

Do you know that our skin has a specific pH level which prevents us from infection?

Whether it’s your facial skin or vaginal skin, it’s naturally acidic in nature (4 to 5); however, the products for body cleaning such as soaps and lotions are basic in nature.

As these base-based products meet your acidic skin, the vaginal skin loses the pH level which alters the ability of it to combat infection.

Furthermore, the skin cosmetics use fragrance and essence which may act as irritants for your vagina, thereby worsening the infected area.

A lot of products claim that they maintain the acidic pH level; howbeit, no one knows the percentage of reality.

So, before you buy any product for cleansing purpose, make sure that you maintain distance with the “basic products.”

Douching practice does more harm.

Douching— also referred to as vaginal irrigation— is usually a hygiene practice which more than 25% of the US women follow.

It’s spraying the water or other chemicals into the vagina using the douche nozzle.

If you love inserting the douche nozzle in the vagina for flushing the bacteria— you are living in a fool’s paradise.

The act of douching not only flushes off the good bacteria but also establishes favorable circumstances for the growth of harmful bacteria which eventually cause infection— thanks to the spray which contains baking soda, iodine, and vinegar.

These sprays tend to change the pH level and balance of your vagina, thereabout proving detrimental for vaginal health.

Let me burst your bubble if you think that your vagina needs your help because it doesn’t.

The vagina is naturally programmed to secrete mucus and discharge which is strong enough to neutralize underlying bacteria.

Safe sex for safe vagina.

Well, it’s not always necessary to indulge in safe sex; however, if you have got a new partner, or if you are a polygamist, your vagina is at the risk of infection.

It’s always safe to urinate after sex because that keeps the bacteria at bay from urethra or bladder.

Note that you can’t stop sexually transmitted disease (STDs) by merely urinating.

Make use of physical barriers such as condoms and diaphragms for restricting the sexual viruses from entering the system.

Be aware of stealthing— an act when your partner may remove the contraceptive without your consensus which ultimately results in infection.

It’s an act of crime, and you should be quick on your toes to discourage such practices.

The Factors Which Diminish Sexual Function In Pregnant Women

The Factors Which Diminish Sexual Function In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings for women as it explores the new characteristic and personality— the personality of intensive care and possessiveness never shown.

However, it’s not the only changes that they feel.

They might feel changes in their sexual function— especially in the third trimester when they fear their body image or abstain sex due to protecting the baby.

As the behavior of pregnant women varies in all the three phases, the diminishing sexual desire or broken sexual function may put additional stress on the child.

So, is there a pattern on which women toil during pregnancy which limits them to having sex?

Has it something to do with psychological factors?

One of the Turkish research in 2013 reveals that a lot of factors act as parachute exercise which pulls off women from enjoying sexual sessions. [1]

The study reveals that 63% of women out of all the respondents had sexual dysfunctions while a whopping 90% of women couldn’t sexually arouse themselves for sexual activities (also referred to hypoactive sexual desire disorder).

As the review reveals crucial data regarding the sexual behavior of pregnant women, it’s imperative for us to find the real contributing factors. So, let’s hunt these factors down.

Body image instills insecurity.

As pregnancy gives an entirely different shape to a woman— the form which isn’t cheered up in the society as it’s “engorged and bloated—” the woman feels insecure that the partner may lose interest in having sex or at the worst case the partner wouldn’t find her attractive.

It obviously instills fear and insecurity in the mental strata of women, thereby releasing cortisol in the body— the stress hormone which dominates the happy hormones which ultimately dampens the sexual mood.

Body image has been one of the primary concerns in the new world as women continue to abort a fetus to save themselves from bloatedness.

An anxious attempt to prevent fetus.

Not all women hate their body image during pregnancy; some consider themselves blessed.

Since no one can develop as close kinship as mother bearing a child, she refrains from having sex; however, experts believe that sex during pregnancy does not affect the child as long as the mother doesn’t have placenta issues.

There’s no way the penis of your partner will kiss or poke your child’s head because he has a defense wall of rigid cervix, uterus, and amniotic fluid.

Furthermore, the women who have had miscarriages in the past should avoid sex because excessive physical exercise may lead to early water breaking.

The low economic status kills the desire to produce.

The economic status of women admittedly decides whether she’s willing to take up the next sexual session.

If the women are running low on wages, and have a very little to support her and the upcoming child; she’d probably run low on sexual desires too.

Since she doesn’t have a sufficient amount of penny to satisfy her breadbasket, the added burden of the child— especially the non-consensual fetus will neutralize the libido.

Marriages not done as per their will.

While love marriages don’t go well with a lot of orthodox families across the globe, arranged marriages continue to fail miserably in all the fronts— including sex life.

A lot of women who get forced into arranged marriages don’t feel excited about their relationships and feel too uncomfortable with the new partner.

A fair part of women feels too shy to open up with their partners despite getting pregnant.

All in all, despite having several sexual sessions, the comfort level of the arranged partners don’t meet at a junction which ultimately reduces the sexual desire in them.

Low sex education lowers sexual interest.

Often prevalent in developing and emerging countries, the women who don’t have adequate knowledge relating to sexual health and hygiene develop aversion and lack of desire for sex.

For example, non-lubricant sex may be painful for a lot of pregnant women and their lack of knowledge regarding the synthetic lubricants will further deteriorate their sexual desire.

So, updating knowledge concerning sex, precautions, positions, hygiene has shown the increment in sexual desire. [2]

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 4)

HIV-AIDS Masking Off All The Myths

There’s a belief that doctors and laboratory staff share the HIV details with the society which ultimately instills fear making it difficult for them to go for other tests and medication.

While doctors and lab staffs have several things to do other than to share your personal details, even if they do, society has no right to dilute your prestige.

The society looks down upon you because of the “preconceived myths,” and we must mend the societal rupture.

So, let’s take on society and their belief one by one.

Every HIV-affected person ends up having AIDS.

HIV is a virus and AIDS is a condition.

To shed more light; when HIV enters into your bloodstream, and when the CD4 count reduces to 200, it’s when you have acquired AIDS.

People acquire AIDS after the third stage if left untreated.

Around three decades back, the people who had HIV also had AIDS— credits to the lack of medication and delay in diagnosis.

However, with more than thirty medicines looming up for the same and accurate HIV testing, the current medical system has managed a lot of HIV cases.

The current drugs have the potency to almost suppress AIDS (by 99%), and a person can lead a healthy life without ending up having AIDS.

Here’s the ultimate catch— an HIV infected person will have to live under medical supervision throughout his life because neglecting or skipping the medication may yield favorable aura for AIDS.

HIV has serious love towards the poor and specific class.

The myth that HIV affects poor or any other specific class crosses all the limits of rumors.

If the virus were to be humans, the claims would have sounded legit; however, the virus has no bias— it loves all the host-bodies

So, whether you are rich or poor, Hispanic or African, young or old, male or female; you may get HIV.

Since the virus replicates in the seminal, vaginal, blood, and milk fluid medium; anyone can come into its contact.

Yes, there may be differences between the way you get it treated.

While treatment can burn the pockets of poor making them more susceptible to life-threatening AIDS, rich can afford the expenses, thereby averting the possible dangers of the severe stages like AIDS.

So, it’s a piece of serious advice to take calculated protection irrespective of the class or gender because HIV spreads through action and not your private labels.

HIV is a gift of unprotected sex only.

There’s no more prominent myth than “HIV spreads through sexual acts only.”

As soon as the society takes the note of HIV patients, they distribute virtual character certificates— the certificates which mostly possess the assassinated and stigmatized character.

HIV spreads through two more other modes— blood and milk.

It spreads through used needles, breastfeeding, and as lowly dangerous method as the fish pedicure.

Basically, it can be the result of endless possibilities for blood transfusion.

We need active awareness campaigns to prevent stigmatization of people because social baggage adds depressive symptoms which eventually degrade the HIV condition.

Spreading HIV has been a sadist agenda in several cases, and there’s no point in judging the patient as he needs compassion, empathy, and love as much as cancer patients need.

In several cases, it’s a perpetual act where one of the partners doesn’t reveal about the disorder— got to hail their criminal mindset.

Changing the needle prevents HIV.

It’s a good step if you acknowledge that changing the needle is must; however, that’s not enough to combat the adversaries of HIV.

Unfortunately, the doctors and laboratory staffs ignore the fact that along with the needle, they also need a quick replacement of syringe.

Since the syringe contains the afflicted blood, there are chances that using the same syringe the very next moment on HIV negative patient may infect him.

Hence, if your doctor doesn’t replace the entire injecting tool, press him to do it.

Similarly, if you are a doctor, it’s your responsibility to take care of minute details to prevent the promulgation of the virus in a healthy body.

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 3)

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 3)

The given piece is two-bit advice for the people who rate HIV/AIDS as one of the most shameful diseases.

The “virtuous world” has considered sex an immoral act for ages as it displeases the mighty god; however, there’s no stopping to the population— thanks to reproduction through sneezing, clapping, and pooping in some cases.

Well, keeping the joke aside, let’s take a dig at those myths which have made life really difficult for the people who are distressed with HIV/AIDS.

Mosquito bite spreads HIV.

Since mosquitoes feed on your blood (by sucking it), it’s a valid question that their bite may spread the HIV.

But you will have to consider the life span of HIV when you are talking about HIV’s life outside the host body.

Generally, HIV needs a fluid medium to spread and multiply.

When a mosquito sucks HIV blood and bites you; it doesn’t inject the blood in your body.

Furthermore, the lifespan of HIV is very short— often less than 1 minute, sometimes stretched up to 6 days.

As HIV needs a fluid medium to survive, the blood which comes out of your body hardens with moisture and virus dies a suffocating death.

HIV mother can’t give birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is obviously a matter of concern if the mother has HIV— especially the tension encircling the future of the child.

An HIV-afflicted mother can give birth to a healthy baby and chances are as high as 40 to 45%.

However, you can reduce the risk of unhealthy delivery if the mother is under anti-HIV medication.

With proper treatment and constrained HIV, the risk of HIV in the baby can be reduced by 98%.

It means that there’s only a 2 percent chance of HIV and other congenital disorders.

Note: An HIV-hit mother delivers her baby through a cesarean process. Moreover, the baby doesn’t feed on mother’s milk.

HIV is easy to abolish when you sleep with a virgin.

If earth were to doom for the most irrational belief, this particular belief would easily top the chart.

A lot of people from the African continents believe that sleeping with the virgin purifies the system from within, thereby minimizing the risk of HIV.

While the thought is outrageously idiotic; instead of abolishing the virus, the virgin girl will catch it.

It’s not the end of the absurdity.

There are a lot of people in the same continent who believe that animal sex is the best practice to abolish HIV.

HIV medicines will make holes in your pocket.

Plenty of HIV patients die a depressive death— thanks to the poor access to information regarding its medication.

In the developing and emerging countries, people have a notion that HIV medication is way too expensive which digs the hole in your pockets.

The given thought may induce fear, stress, and depression, thereby worsening the condition.

But expensive HIV drugs are the things of the past— a perfect bromide— especially when a fair number of companies make generic HIV drugs at low cost.

The recent competition avails HIV drugs in less than 50 to 75 dollars in a month.

So, managing HIV has never been this affordable.

HIV Viruses spread through cold drinks.

Social media has become a strong platform for disseminating rumors rather than awareness.

HIV has a short life outside the host body.

When it comes in contact with air, it starts dwindling until it ceases to exist.

So, the inviable virus can’t pose any threat to you.

As it needs four mediums to survive: semen, vaginal fluid, blood, and breast milk; make sure that you avoid these as well as other rumors too.

Yes, there have been several attempts by sadist people who intentionally try to pass HIV by keeping the needle in the theater, blood stain on the blade, and pouring blood in the cold drink; however, their efforts turn into dust since HIV fails to replicate in such environment.

We are not done yet— gird up your loins to read more exciting myths in the subsequent sections.

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 2)

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 2)

HIV/AIDS needs serious debunking because it’s one of the most misinterpreted diseases which kills patients more with humiliation and shame rather than the virus itself.

As it also induces depression, it’s a challenging downward spiral for the affected patients.

So, without making further delays, let’s knock the bottom out of these myths with ease.

The person under HIV therapy can’t disseminate HIV anymore.

Usually, the person seeking HIV medical attention undergo antiretroviral or protease inhibitor therapy— the medication therapy which suppresses the action of enzymes known for laying the ecosystem for virus replication.

Since the therapies subdue the virus multiplication, the chances of viral dissemination reduce; however, you can’t make your body free of the HIV— all you could do is control it.

All the existing therapies revolving around HIV inevitably dissolve the chances of virus transfusion; howbeit, abolishing all the viruses from the body is nearly impossible for the current science.

Building a relationship with healthy-being prevents HIV threat.

Under all circumstances, you should build relationships with healthy beings as, in a cascading effect, it takes care of your health too.

Nonetheless, you still bear chances for establishing HIV infection, and the reason is relatively simple— HIV is not always caused by sexual intimacy.

If your barber uses old blades, your doctor uses used syringe, or if you receive the infected blood during blood transfusion (thanks to the carelessness of the blood banks); you may still catch the infection.

As young as eight years old kids are diagnosed with HIV positive, and I am pretty sure they didn’t shove their shafts into the murky-HIV affected caves.

Oral sex such as fellatio and cunnilingus have nothing to do with HIV.

As oral sex adds rigorous dimension to the sex lives, the patients with HIV infection try to find the holy grail in them.

But the reality is far away from what they think.

It may lead to the transfusion of HIV infection if the infected semen comes in direct contact with the mouth ulcer, cut, sore area, etc.

HIV mainly spreads through four significant carriers— semen, vaginal liquid, mother’s milk, and blood transfer.

If you have been finding ways to gulp these through the oral route, make sure that you have a healthy gum, pipes, and entire mouth.

While you may enjoy oral sex sessions with the relaxed state of mind, you might lay bricks for your own decomposition.

Ayurveda can aid HIV condition.

If someone says that Ayurveda can treat HIV, the person is probably running a cultural-agenda.

Let me bring to your notice— no person has ever been cured of HIV.

Ayurveda may treat and bring back the infection level to the bearable level; however, claiming it to be the sole vessel which leads to heaven is baseless from all the fronts.

A lot of cultural-frauds may harness money out of your fear, and you may happily fritter all your fortune only to find yourself in the worst condition.

So, it’s strictly advised for you to look for the medical experts rather spending your time and fortune in ill-informed swindlers.

The act of kissing makes room for HIV.

While practicing oral Kiss is mostly safe under vigorous conditions, the particular types of kisses such as French Kiss may marginally create the room for HIV to breed in your circulatory system.

If both the involved partners have ulcers, cuts, slits, or sore region in the mouth; and if blood exchanges from one ulcer to the other, then it will undoubtedly lead to HIV infection.

However, the probability of such transfusion is very less, and hence, kissing is generally considered safe while harboring HIV in your body.

You also need to look for your bleeding gums and skin wounds if you want to engage in sexual acts with your partner because it’s easier for the blood to get into the bloodstream with the unpaid attention.

Here’s the good news, HIV doesn’t spread through saliva, but if you taste the infected blood of your partner, saliva may assist the blood into the system, thereby contributing to HIV.

Wait for the next debunking part. Until then, practice safe sex.

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 1)

HIV-AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths

“You don’t belong to the civilized society if you respect people who possess HIV/AIDS virus.”

Well, that’s the intensity of sorry state we encircle around HIV-affected patients.

Prolly, we hate them despite lack of knowledge relating to the same disease.

If you don’t share a friend’s scooter because he is an HIV positive, or you don’t lend your tiffin box to him, you are an equal culprit for promoting HIV-phobic attitude.

So, before you establish unwanted and illogical notions for HIV patients, please skim through these myths.

HIV spreads through social contacts.

It has to be one of the most disastrous beliefs coupled with HIV.

HIV can’t leap air, water, food, and social contact; instead, it transfuses to your body only by sexual application with the HIV affected partner or milking your mouth from the affected breast.

So, whether you are enjoying dinner at KFC, or breathing in the same space dimension with the affected patient; whether you share the same eating utensil to sticking to the same office lavatory; you have zero risks of HIV.

Here’s the best part about these viruses— they don’t get into your body by shaking hands and kissing the partners either.

So, open up with the affected friends and family members, and spend your entirety with extreme normalcy.

If both the couples have HIV, there’s no need to use the protection.

You may believe that since you are inching towards death due to HIV, there’s no point in using the condoms.

While the idea sounds overwhelming and fascinating, there’s a possibility that you may lay yourself open to HIV of your partner.

Couldn’t comprehend?

There are two types of HIV conditions— HIV 1 and HIV 2.

While you have been on medical observance for HIV 1, sleeping with an HIV 2 virus patient without protection may radicalize your situation and alter the pharmacokinetics of the drug, thereby aggravating your medical condition.

Since the other virus may resist the action of the drug, you may infect yourself to a faster death.

HIV infection— a part of sex workers and not in everyday people.

Earlier in the 1980s and 1990s, it was found that sex workers had severe trouble in managing their lives— courtesy to HIV.

However, the government throughout the length and breadth of the globe has disseminated the awareness regarding safe and precautionary sex.

Yes, people who engage in sexual polygamy and maintains a relationship with multiple-sex partners have a higher risk of developing HIV infection; howbeit, it will be too harsh to associate profession with the disease.

Any person who indulge in unprotected sex, exchange blood through careless needling and shaving kit, feed on the infected breast fancy their chances of HIV infection.

Death is the ultimate destination of HIV.

A lot of books and movies have depicted the wrong notion skirting around HIV infection, i.e., death is the only destination if you are suffering from the misery of it.

That’s utterly disgusting as it sucks out the courage from the patient, thereby preparing the aura of crematory proceedings.

Yes, you can’t get rid of HIV once it steps into your circulatory system; nevertheless, you can control it with special medical assistance— the medicines which inhibit the virus replication by punching down the enzymes which create a favorable environment for them to multiply.

A lot of anecdotes off late prove that a person with HIV can lead a healthy controlled life without having to worry about the fate it may bring to your life.

HIV negative report suggests that you are impervious to HIV.

While you have been blooming bonker over the fact that you have HIV negative, you may well discover yourself in the receiving end in the coming three months.

The best way to celebrate your HIV negative report is by waiting for another three months.

Although HIV tests are some of the most accurate tests, there’s a bleak possibility that it may turn positive.

Get it tested after three months for validating the fact whether your body didn’t produce antibodies against HIV.

Hold your horses to find interesting myths in the next section.

A Quick Glance Through The Benefits Of Papaya

A Quick Glance Through The Benefits Of Papaya

If I were to go to a fancy dress competition or if I were to become a fruit next life— ‘I’d love being Papaya.

It resembles my nature— hard and firm from outside and soft and manageable from the inside.

Furthermore, ‘I’d love to be called a natural panacea for the human body as it poses plenty of health benefits— thanks to all the phytochemicals in it.

‘Here’s why Papaya is my to-go fruit.

It’s an enemy to bacteria.

You can simply call Papaya as antimicrobial or antibacterial fruit which keeps the bacteria at arm’s length.

A review revealed that the extract from the Papaya subdued the operation of bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of bacterial diseases. [1]

The fruit and the seed inhibited the action of bacteria in the following order: B cereus >> E coli >> S faecalis >> S aureus >> P vulgaris >> S flexneri.

It despises bad cholesterol.

The dear Papaya despises lousy cholesterol in your body as ‘it’s possessive about the arteries.

It ‘doesn’t allow cholesterol plaque to sit and flirt with vessels; instead, it suppresses its level which eventually keeps the vessels healthy and highway for the blood vessels.

With proper papaya intake, you can also govern the amount of triglyceride— the type of fat which affects your ‘heart’s health. [2]

It guards your stomach.

Papaya enjoys fighting with digestive problems which torment your stomach and troubles your day.

As ‘it’s rich in papain enzyme and plenty of water, it checks your metabolism which sooner or later makes your day at home and office.

The enzyme breaks down the proteins which contribute to indigestion and other digestive problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. [3]

It staves off diabetes.

Despite having a natural sweet flavonoid, papaya staves off your high sugar level with ease.

You can use it as the best possible food item against your sugar-philia cravings.

A medical review indicates that Papaya leads to a hypoglycemic effect in the diabetic body— the effect known to limit the amount of sugar level in the blood. [4]

It also displayed an unbeaten run for activating the pancreatic cells— the cells which help in the production of insulin hormones.

As insulin hormone takes care of the glucose in the bloodstream, you should utilize Papaya to maximum use.

It extinguishes the inflames.

Sometimes, inflammation feels more painful than the fire burn and hence, it needs an extinguisher.

Papaya fulfills the exact need for the extinguisher by possessing multiple anti-inflammatory agents such as alkaloids and flavonoids.

‘It’s a fruit gem which has been studied for years, and its claim to fame can be read from one of the studies which explore its anti-inflammatory effect on arthritis and other inflammatory issues. [5]

As it also abounds essential minerals such as calcium and potassium, it regulates the joint pain as well.

It tosses aside the excessive fat.

Papaya loves its host body.

If you are hosting Papaya into your circulatory system, it gifts your body an ability to fight those excessive fat distributed across your periphery and waist circumference.

As it’s naturally spirited with dynamic anti-obesity minerals and vitamins, it modulates the fat into your body and ‘doesn’t let these fat cells to replicate.

It also detoxes your body by regulating the healthy digestive tract which gradually boosts the metabolism and reduces the risk of fat accumulation. [6]

It makes you look young.

If getting old is a disorder, wrinkled skin and grey hair are its symptoms.

But if you induce papaya phytochemicals into your body, despite turning old, your symptoms will more likely disappear.

As free radicals (the unstable electron) in your body snatches the atom from your skin, the skin feels inflamed, and it eventually creates wrinkles.

Papaya, on the other hand, has antioxidant— the substance which reduces the oxidative stress by donating the electron to the free radicals, thereby limiting the action of them.

Thus, it works like “The curious case of Benjamin Button,” where instead of aging, you become young. [7]

So, are you having enough of Papaya in your meal? You can also go through a series of recipes to add flavor depth to your meal-course.

Simple Yet Effective Impotence Management Modes

Simple Yet Effective Impotence Management Modes

It’s disheartening to find people resorting to all the possibilities for managing erectile dysfunction.

Spending boatload of dollar bills without making prior investigation is quite out of sense.

And it sounds more stupid when we have ample data on the internet.

I am not saying that we’d become doctor out of analyzing these data from the worldwide domain; however, it’s our responsibility to know about our problems and probable treatment— prior to the actual procedure.

So, instead of appointing tremendously-rated doctors, frittering away money like a squanderer; we shall first look down our collars and say “let’s give it a try.”

The oath is crucial because we are searching for a sword where we can fix the cause by a pin.So, let’s try them out before we advance to the experts.

Let’s not call impotence a disease every time.

The social graph of impotence is pretty bizarre.

Before the internet surfaced, the men who had impotence faced humiliation and mud-slinging because it was a question of their manhood and masculinity.

How dare they lose the potency to direct their shaft in the upward direction?

And today, with the internet and a lot of explicit content; we are glorifying impotence as a disease which occurs out of the blue and has nothing to do with our daily practices.

In reality, the pornographic content has become one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

If you have been wanking off around with overly-stimulating porn content, you are increasing your stimulating threshold every day.

Your partner has to peel off her skin to stimulate you because you have elevated the enjoyable bar way to the sky.

In the particular case, impotence has more to do with your habit than the natural occurrence.

So, stop calling it a disease every time because the ultimate onus is on you, and you have built it with your practice.

If you long to work for your condition, and can’t give off masturbation— get rid of the technical assistance like porn and AI.

Use your imagination power, trigger your brain, and carry it for a few weeks.You may find reasonable erection during intercourse.

Shut your ego and get stimulated.

Houston, We’ve got a problem.

The problem is— we deny the fact that we are turning old, and we need more stimulation.

Out of unsatisfied ego, a lot of men make a minute of foreplay session and jump to penetrative activity.

It doesn’t work out if we have hit 40 or are inching towards it.

Some other respondents take erectile dysfunction as a challenge, and to answer the humiliation, they end up trying penetration without proper stimulation and erection.

It’s better to tone down your ego and consider stimulation an integral part of sex.

In other conditions, some men rush into sex because they fear that the erection would fade away.

It’s a self-goal because it also magnifies performance anxiety in which you’d end in goofing up the session.

So, don’t think about erection, give yourself enough time to look beyond the disorder, and follow the stimulating footstep.

Gatecrashing your partner’s mind.

The sex is best enjoyed when you gatecrash your partner’s mind— when you know what they exactly want without prior discussion.

Maybe your partner isn’t gatecrashing your expectations which have resulted in erectile dysfunction.

In such a case, you should share your heart out to your partner, and let her know what keeps you sexually active on the bed.

When you have been practicing a monotonous sex life, you may not reap the delight out of sessions.

Deciding to stay vocal about your sexual choices, positions, places, and time may give you the power to live an extraordinary sex life.

The act of sex is about locking the doors of the brain, and exploring the intimate matters of your partner; however, you may like to employ your mind while getting creative with the positions and sensuality.

If you get a good-hard erection for three of the four times, you may not have erectile dysfunction— it may be the result of the temporary psychological factor.

Pornography – Can It Help You Release Early?

Pornography - Can It Help You Release Early

Pornography is huge! It is everywhere.

There are about 26 million active porn site and over 46 million regular viewers across the world. [1]

When the internet happened, pornography was the first industry to make it big online. [2]

Such is the fascination of porn.You try and resist, but at some point, you are going to watch it.And it is not your fault; pornography has been luring people in since decades.

But have you thought what effect does it have on your life?Primarily, your sexual life?

Well, let us not assume that pornography is harmful.Let us discuss the possibilities and certainties of the effects of porn.

Why do even people watch it in the first place?

If you ask anyone about why they watch porn, they’ll probably reply, “Just to pass the time” or “To satisfy my sexual desires.”Well, that is only partly true.

The real reason behind watching porn, believe it or not,  is how your brain works.

It is a fact that your brain desires to do something adventurous, something never seen/done before.And in achieving this, it becomes highly variable.

It leaps from one idea to another in a flash.And it achieves the so-called ‘adventure’ by watching porn.

When someone watches porn, the idea of watching something unusual quenches the thirst of their brain to do something adventurous.

It puts the brain in a relaxed state and of course, in a sexually excited state too.

And this state of the brain accelerates the hormone processes and makes a person ejaculate earlier.

How good is watching porn?

Porn effectively has the power to determine what kind of a guy you are and what are your likes and dislikes.It also helps you in numerous ways.

One of the ways it helps you is by amplifying your standards when it comes to women.

It also helps you become great in bed.When you watch porn, you understand the art of lovemaking.

You become the guy who likes to please his woman before getting right to the sex.

So if you watch porn and learn something good out of it, it can be immensely beneficial for your sexual life.But be mindful of the fragile line that separates good porn from the bad.

Pornography boosts you sexually

There is hardly anyone who’d say no to watching porn.

A study returned that about 75% of the people would respond positively to watching porn.[3]

Well, take it as you want, but the positive response isn’t a bad thing.

Watching porn has been known to boost sexual energies and to increase libido levels.

And when you parallel it with some yoga, and a few other breathing exercises, you will feel relaxed, energized and refreshed.

Not just that, there are many other benefits of combining exercises and increased libido levels (by watching porn) than mentioned above.

You will be able to do it better than others.

You must think that watching porn makes you ejaculate earlier.But it is contrary.

Pornography helps you last longer in bed by relaxing you and letting you take your time to finish.

But these things don’t apply to newbies.It is solely for the pros.

You must be aware of not over watching porn and must know when is it time to stop watching porn; and that only a pro can do.But then, come to think of it, every pro was once a beginner.

So need not hesitate.Watching porn and controlling yourself in time will get you there, eventually.

And once you get habituated to watching good porn, it will help significantly in intensifying your performance in bed by making you feel relaxed and laid back.

Do you watch porn, too?

Tell us your thought about the effects of watching porn on your life.

Let’s Shrug Off Sexual Frustration

Let’s Shrug Off Sexual Frustration

I didn’t know about sexual frustration until I heard about the rhetorical concept blurted by one of the politicians— “sexual frustration leads to rape.”

While the comment was purely controversial and outrageously stupid, I did do a lot of research about sexual frustration.

As far as my understanding, sexual frustration is real, and not its consequences.

So, any political statement regarding the rape case is entirely bizarre and uncalled.But, let’s keep that to another blog space.

Sexual frustration, like any frustration, is caused when you fail to get gratification.

A lot of people don’t get sexual partners and don’t get the opportunity to tame their sexual desire.

Others with partners may still feel the heat of sexual frustration because of the unsatisfied hunger for sex, and lack of desirable sexual intensity.

You may devise specific techniques to get better of sexual frustration.Let’s give them a bit of detailing space.

Take the matter into your own hands— Jerk Off!

“The man who helps himself is the man who sails beyond the oceans alone.”

If you don’t want to share your sexual frustration with anyone, you can literally take the matter into your own hands.

Encircle your penis within the periphery of your palm, and get started.

Jerking off releases a series of “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and “love” hormones like oxytocin.

Probably, it’s the reason why masturbation has been officially associated as an anti-stress agent.

Masturbation also sees to it that the flaps of your imagination open up, and you have been exploring your physical-self with entirety.

It sounds funny but “touch your penis, and treat the brain coated with frustration” in the heavenly connection through wanking off.

Stop over-rating the body image.

If you haven’t got a partner due to your body image, you are probably assuming it wrong.

It’s possible that your personality isn’t resonating with what others want.But again, it’s not the end of the road.

The world is a potpourri of good and bad people, and you may fall into the loving and worthy category.So, instead of hitting the low-floor of confidence, try to socialize.

Make sure that you aren’t socializing for gaining sex— you’ll get sex if you get someone’s attention and admiration.

Behave natural and shoot a real personality because maybe— just maybe— social gathering around positive thinkers would make up the sexual void in your life.

So, stop over-emphasizing your body image, and develop confidence for your physical-self because body-language has more to do with selecting sexual partners than the mere looks.

Making your bedroom a science lab.

The perfect way to mellow down the frustrating sexual scenes with your partner is by making your bedroom a science lab.

Didn’t comprehend?Get your brain out of the comfort zone— it needs a trigger.

Sometimes, monotoned sexual sessions as dry as a dust may detriment the relationship with your partner which will further the sexual agitation.

But we want to get over the boringly humdrum indulgence, and that begins with making our bedroom a science lab.

Try to experiment with the new ideas, explore the new sexual techniques, use intense sexual methods like role play and BDSM, watch the couple porns together and set the attainable goals.

Setting the new benchmarks and letting your partners know about may resolve your frustration.

To hell with the orgasm.

If you think that sex is about orgasms, ejaculations, and squirtings— you haven’t enjoyed the real sex.

If you can enjoy sex without setting up these small targets, why to set them in the first place?

Stop treating orgasm and ejaculation as the ultimate flag where you have to “stop the sprint.”

Sex is a marathon which gets best relished when you don’t think of these occasional “break-points.”

Instead, you want to get endowed with the prolonged sexual playtime because the idea of orgasm may put you under the scrutiny of performance anxiety, thereby giving rise to sexual frustration.

So, stay focused on sexual intercourse; the results will follow.

Are you sexually frustrated? If the condition doesn’t seem to leave you alone, get in touch with the sexologist.

The Medication Which Can Cause Delayed Ejaculation

The Medication Which Can Cause Delayed Ejaculation

If you think you can get over the physical or psychological condition to prevent delayed ejaculation; you may well prove yourself wrong.

Every medication brings side effect, and delayed ejaculation can be one of the side-effects.

To make it worse, if you were looking to address these factors to cure delayed ejaculation; you may end up spoiling your condition more.

So, let scroll through some of the medications which accompany delayed ejaculation.

Antidepressants are set to annul your sex life.

We know how antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) take care of premature ejaculation by delaying it.

However, if you are a depressed and experience delay in ejaculation; antidepressant SSRIs are not for you.

The role of SSRIs is to increase the level of serotonin in the brain, thereby cutting the depressive symptoms.The same method helps in delaying or blocking ejaculation.

Again, it’s ironic how drugs such as fluoxetine and paroxetine are boon for people who don’t want to stand premature ejaculation whereas a curse for the people who already experience delayed ejaculation.

HBP drugs increase your BP by giving sexual disorders.

Usually, high blood pressure drugs are meant to decrease your blood pressure; howbeit, how would you react if you find it affecting your sex life?Your blood pressure will shoot up to the new heights.

High BP drugs are contraindicated if you have already have delayed ejaculation.

If you haven’t got any ejaculatory disorders, the drug may lay the foundation for one.

Although the medicine dilates the blood vessels which lead to smoother blood flow in the penis, it may truncate the level of zinc in the body.

By doing that, the drugs potentiate the threat of low testosterone volume which decreases sexual desire and fuel to go for a brilliant session, thereby marking leeway for delayed ejaculation.

Diuretics aren’t your friend either.

Diuretics— better known as water pill may be your favorite medication for treating hypertension; however, you may like to avoid it if you don’t want to get your ejaculation delayed.

Certain diuretics which decrease the amount of potassium in the blood may also reduce the forceful blood inrush in the penis.It may give rise to conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is better known to inculcate a lot of psychological disaster in your brain which may additionally cause performance anxiety, lack of sexual fuel, and delayed ejaculation.

The same medication also shrinks the volume of Zinc in the blood which is the ultimate testosterone enhancer in the body.

And as mentioned— low testosterone may oil the wheels of delayed ejaculation.

Beta-blockers try to copy diuretics.

If your doctor has suggested beta blockers for dealing with high blood pressure, you may also block the stimulants necessary for ejaculation.Don’t trust me?

Since the drug makes sure that your heart doesn’t pump blood recklessly into the vessels, it may dampen the blood flow in the penis.

As it slows down the pumping action of heart, it may also reduce the sexual desire and may spark off the threat of delayed ejaculation.

Probably, it’s why drugs such as Inderal, Innopran XL are linked with sexual dysfunctions and disorders.

Anti-seizure drugs behave the same as antidepressants.

If you are one of the victims of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, and other seizures; your doctors may recommend you drugs such as Sertraline— another SSRI drug which behaves the same as antidepressants.

The drug sees to it that your brain has enough serotonin level so to keep panic seizure at bay.

Akin to antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs may lead to delayed ejaculation.They have the habit of interacting with sexual desire.

They do it by blocking the action of sex stimulants which carry ejaculation messages to and forth between the brain and the ejaculatory organs.

It’s possible that your delayed ejaculation has sprung out of medication as a side-effect rather than being a long, home-grown disorder.

So, before you take any of the mentioned medicine; you should look forward to reading the side-effects of the drugs as they may not suit your sex life.

And you surely need to avoid these contraindicated drugs if you already fail to achieve orgasm.

STDs – 5 Reasons Why You Must Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 2)

STDs - 5 Reasons Why You Must Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 2)

When your sexual adventures turn into a nightmare, that’s how you know you have contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

STD’s are caused due to viruses that are transmitted from one person to another during sexual intercourse.

But there are other times when STDs are passed on to another person non-sexually; such as from a mother to an infant during pregnancy.

If you have had unprotected sex with a partner of whom you’re doubtful of, there are high chances that you have contracted an STD.

You can even be infected by a person who seems normal and healthy and shows no signs of any STD.

It is because they may have contracted an STD and are not yet aware of it.Here are some of the most common symptoms of STDs.

The pain down there.

If you are having pain down there, there is undoubtedly something wrong with your body.

Testicular pain is one of the most common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Not just that, testicular pain can also be a mere symptom that can be related to other complications in your body.

So if there is even a minor pain in your testicles, you must get yourself checked right away.

Confusing it with stomach pain can be your biggest mistake.

There are multitudinous instances where people have mistaken lower abdomen pain with stomach pain.

Mistaking lower abdomen pain with stomach pain can be your biggest mistake.

Numerous are the cases where men and women suffering from STDs experience lower abdomen pain.

So if you have even a sparsest of lower abdomen pain, it is time you see a doc.

Your partner’s past

If you have intercourse with your partner whom you know and trust, you still have chances of having STD.How is it possible?

Well, there are times when a person is suffering from STD but isn’t aware of it because of no symptoms.

And if your partner is one of them, have contracted STD and isn’t aware of it, you may end up contracting an STD, too.

Your wish to conceive remains a wish.

Do you wish to become a parent?Are you trying for it?And has it still not been possible for you?

If you are trying hard to conceive but are unable to conceive for some reason, chances are you are suffering from an STD.Some STDs are known to render you infertile.[1]

So when you aren’t able to conceive after doing everything right, an STD check may be the only thing you need.

Variable symptoms may lead you astray.

Major STDs such as HIV don’t show any symptoms until a year or two after contraction.

But, they often trigger sudden and unusual symptoms such as fatigue or tiredness.

As time passes by, HIV signals its presence with a specific symptom such as oral candidiasis. [2]

This is when you get to know that you need a test.

So when you feel like you might be suffering from an STD, it is always an advisable stop to get yourself checked.

The more you hesitate, the more you put yourself in jeopardy.A step taken in time can be a life savior.

If a disease is discovered in its early stages, there are high chances of it being cured by medicine.

If you do not get yourself checked while in doubt, it may be too late for any cure.

Do you think you may have contracted an STD?Get yourself check and be sure about the status of your health.Because if you don’t, it can be unknowingly transferred to your

STDs – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 1)

STDs - 5 Reasons Why You Should Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 1)

Safe sex is the best sex.It saves you from several complications such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies.

You can terminate an unwanted pregnancy quickly as there are many options available on the market.

But when it comes to STDs, you’d be surprised how less you can do.

There are a few conditions such as Herpes which can be diagnosed shortly after contraction.

But sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia can often go unnoticed and are hard to diagnose even after a year from contraction. [1]It is better to practice safe sex than regret it later.

But if you have made the mistake of having unprotected sex and that you think you might be suffering from an STD, here is what you should do.

An unwanted or unusual discharge.

Well, you may have had a great sex session.But if you see any unusual or unwanted discharge from your vagina or your penis after intercourse, you need to see a doc right away!

Any unusual discharge from your genitals (except, of course, urine), in terms of color, odor, viscosity, and consistency after unprotected sex surely call for a quick checkup.

And if your partner is someone whom you have just met and don’t know about his/her history, the risk of you contracting an STD is even higher.

An itch that won’t go away

Same is the case with itches.

When you have unprotected sex, millions of bacteria are exchanged between you and your partner.

If you start to feel an itch in your private areas right after having unprotected sex, you surely need to get tested as soon as possible.

Again, same is the case regarding your partner; if he/she is a stranger or someone whom you barely know about, the risks of you contracting an STD are high.

You don’t like to look at your genitals.

It is often when you have unprotected sex, complications arrive.If you have developed sores or lesions on your private parts, then you are in trouble.

It is of no question what color and what size the lesions or sores are.If they are there, you need to get it checked right away.

Genital sores and lesion are usually a result of unprotected sex with a doubtful partner. [2]

You must visit a doctor to get yourself tested for many STDs that can have possibly caused that sore or a lesion.

When the pleasure of sex turns into pain

Sex is all about fun and pleasure.But what if the sex turns into a pain?Well, there is only one thing you can do – get yourself tested.

If you feel any pain while having sex which may feel abnormal or unusual to you, there is something wrong with your body.You must run to the doc asap and get yourself checked.

Having pain while sex cannot be the only one condition you must be having,Often pain during sex can be only a symptom of one or more STDs.

Your genitals bleed.

Bleeding genitals can perhaps be the worst thing that can happen to you after having unprotected sex.

If there is any abnormal bleeding for you and it doesn’t happen often, it can very well be an initial sign of s sexual transmitted disease. [3]

Many STDs do have genital bleeding symptoms.

So, if there is even the slightest of blood discharge after having unprotected sex, you must visit a doctor at the earliest.

It is always the best option to have safe sex.And it is even better if you have sex with a partner whom you know and trust.

Thus, always use protection and be sure you’re free of any STDs.What are your thoughts on this blog?Let us know in the comments!

4 Signs You’re Sexually Frustrated

4 Signs You’re Sexually Frustrated

Does lack of sex make you tamp down stupid length?Are you appalled by the idea of sex because your partner doesn’t satisfy you?

Have you built a habit of dallying with people around because you want sex— by hook or crook?

There is a considerable possibility that sexual frustration is settling into your brains.

Sexual desire is like lava constricted within the walls of the volcanoes— it’s all charged up to erupt like never before.

However, if you don’t allow enough space to get out of the opening, it may glide out in agitation.

So, what probable signs conclude that you’re sexually frustrated?Let’s take a quick look at them.

Your anger is controlling you.

There’s a saying “a cool-headed person controls the anger; however, for hot-heads, the anger controls them.”

When you get sexually caged in your thoughts, you start losing your control over the body.What you loved once starts annoying you.

For example, if your love for the missionary position has turned into hatred and anger, and what enticed you once irritates you, then you are sexually frustrated.

Sexual frustration works like any other stress— it continues to attract the stress molecules— wherever and however they come.

With more toxic stress molecules in the body, you become sensitive to most of the things, and you fail to keep your temper.

If anything and everything makes you go fuming over the people around you, you’ve probably laid the foundation of sexual frustration.

Your eyes refuse to shut off when it shouldn’t.

Think of this way— you have a lot of sex fuel in you; the only issue is— there’s no one to burn it down.

The sex fuel in your body needs immediate addressing which when untouched keeps you wide awake.

With the higher sexual desire and unanswered call— you will feel energetic when your eyes should shut off (you haven’t been burning any calories due to lack of sex), thereby setting the path for the sleep disorders.

Going to bed with the high energy keeps the brain active, and you will be on edge off racking it when you should be putting it to the hibernation mode.

There’s no logical explanation, but one thought leads to many which continue to haunt your sleep until you are tired.Having said that, perhaps you’d never know that lack of sex costs your sleep.

Masturbation becomes another customary job.

Although masturbation is an approved method for reducing sexual frustration, after a while, it becomes another customary job for you.

It’s because you think about making good sex while masturbating but you aren’t getting any.

After some time, your brain loses the self-exploring stimuli where you’d start finding masturbation a monotonous task.

At this point— nothing would excite you— and that would further the sexual frustration, and even make leeway for sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

So, when you are sexually frustrated, don’t jerk the penis out.

Make a wise decision of limiting masturbation once in a day which will keep your sexual frustration and fuel in check.

Even sex couldn’t save you.

Now that you have got sex to cover your sexual frustration don’t leave your couch in excitement.There’s a possibility that even sex wouldn’t fill the sexual hunger.

There may be two reasons. They are:

Maybe your partner couldn’t meet your expectations and sexual standards.You are sexually frustrated, and it has nothing to do with your partner.

You can satisfy sexual hunger by having a brief talk with your partner, sharing likes and dislikes on the bed, and any conversation which may assuage your frustration.

Keeping quiet about your partner’s performance because she may feel bad and guilty could rub up against your sex life in the further wrong direction.

If untamed, sexual frustration may also pull out the violent nature where your brain would fail to comprehend what’s right and wrong.

Like any stress, sexual frustration exists in reality because it’s what makes you go bonkers.

It’s a good reason why you should see a sexologist.So, how is sexual frustration getting under your skin?

Blood In Semen— Not A Man’s Menstruation

Blood In Semen— Not A Man’s Menstruation

It’s not simple to be a woman with blood babbling through the genital; however, it’s not easy to be a man either.

Although the odds are low if you were to bleed with semen ejection— what are the chances that you were menstruating?

Keeping the joke aside.Hemospermia is characterized by the condition when you bleed with semen.

Since it often goes unnoticed, the exact prevalence of the condition is yet not apparent; nevertheless, one of the vague studies says that it one out of every 5000 urological patients is distressed with it.

Moreover, the traditional belief that sexual abstinence or intense sex leads to the given condition has kept people in the wrong shell of ideas.

But you should take a close look at it because it’s not a men’s mensuration something like women do— something very natural.

Instead, if you are shooting blood and semen, it’s a cause of worry, and you need to pay proper medical attention to find out the exact reason for the same.

Here’s why your semen looks red when you masturbate or have sex.

Inflammation in the reproductive organs.

Do you know that inflammations are useful as they are painful reaction or signs which your body produces so that you don’t miss the presence of allergy or cell damage?

It’s what that happens with your reproductive organs.

With the damaged reproductive organs such as Prostate, Vas Deferens, Seminal Vesicles, Urethra, Epididymis, etc. and the tubes, ducts, and glands connecting them; when you ejaculate, the action of inflammation causes bleeding.

It’s a sign that something is not right internally, and you need to confer with the doctor.

It’s a fair chance that urethral tumor or seminal vesicles malignancy exists within the body, and it accompanies inflammatory reaction leading to bleeding while jerking off. [1]

Infection can squeeze the blood out from your penis.

Your penis and other reproductive organs aren’t safe from the threat of infection.Infection can squeeze the blood out from your penis during ejaculation.

Some of the chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or schistosomiasis bring inflammation and pain in the reproductive glands, ducts, Urethra, and all the organs mentioned in the above point.

Although tuberculosis bacteria affects the lungs in most of the cases, in rare cases, it may attack other parts of the body including the penis causing ulcer-look alike tumor.

As the infection may warrant pain, ulcer, and inflammation in the reproductive organs, you are likely to produce semen with blood.

When you are forced to play the adult time game.

You can’t have a homogenous sexual mood throughout life.It’s to spike and fall— depending on the hormones.

With the low sexual desire, if you are dragged into sex— the pubic region refuses to enjoy it, and out of irritation, it may develop other infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI).

Although we avoid talking about this reason, the reality is— forced sex causes urinary infection which may further aggravate the situation by accompanying blood with semen.

Unprotected sex can leave you bleeding.

It’s hard to believe, but unprotected sex may lead to blood discharge with semen.

Having unprotected sex exposes you to the adversaries of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

These diseases lead to the painful pubic region which, in turn, causes swelling in the testes, burning sensation in the penis, etc.

As they make way for painful sensation, the body may react by bleeding with the semen.

Sexual infections have a more substantial impact than usual infection because usual ones may not reach your organ whereas genital infections begin with your genitals.

The medical biopsy and treatment let you bleed.

Sometimes, the medical procedures such as prostate biopsy (which is carried out with transrectal ultrasound technique) and urinal treatment let you bleed with semen.

These processes have earned a bad reputation in irritating the semen region, thereby inducing trauma which leads to blood discharge with it.

In most of the circumstances, the condition is temporary and reversible.

If you aren’t bleeding, you should be thankful towards nature instead of searching for the reasons to bleed.

Mobile Phones— A Worrying Trend In The Bedroom

Mobile Phones— A Worrying Trend In The Bedroom

Did you mull about having sex daily when you were in your teens, but by the time you reached your twenties, you could barely get an erection despite being bedded with a gorgeous spouse?

A person can’t have sex as much as he thinks he can in the later 20s and 30s.

When you newly develop sex hormones, you build virtual beliefs that you can be an animal on the bed throughout your life; however, you hit the reality when you get sex.

One of the surveys suggests that a person does sex twice or thrice in a week in his 20s, and that reduces to 1.6 times in a week in 30s.

It means that an average person indulges in sexual sessions just 9 to 10 times in a month. [1]

So, even when you are too positive and energetic about sex in your early teens, you’ll later discover that “sex is an ordinary activity which may make you feel bored.”

Well, that’s a surprising truth because frequent sex can bore you to death barring all the sexual imaginations of your childhood.

But it’ll be too harsh to blame only sexual frequency because other factors like mobile phones are equally responsible for affecting your sex life.

The change in sexual frequency.

Ever wondered why people pre-technology had more kids than the ones in the current era.Of course, it has a lot to do with contraception; howbeit, that’s not the only reason.

The overall sexual frequency has reduced because of the mobile devices in the room.

In the era before technology took over, the couples had everything to do with each other than to forking out their times on smartphones.

A piece of anecdotal evidence clearly states that mobile phones detriments the sex lives of couples.

A worrying study

Take a look at worrying review from the iPass mobile professional report released in 2016. [2]

The review got conducted on 1700 respondents which aimed to discover the priority.

Out of 1700 respondents, 40% said that they’d give up sex rather than their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Only 36% of people said that they would want sex as a priority.Rest of the respondents rated alcohol and chocolate necessary for a daily basis.

The surge in the use of mobile devices has made it clear that digital anxiety has entered not only in the room but on the bed, thereby making it more important than sex.

The impact of mobile phones on sex

Yes, mobile phones do impact your sex life if you solely consider the overall frequency; however, there’s a broader spectrum which you really need to check— and it’s about the quality of sex you do— if you do at all.

  • Phones are cooking your sex hormones: As mobile phones radiate electromagnetic waves, you and your sex hormones get exposed to its field radiation. Research indicated that long-term exposure to mobile phone radiations did shrink the serum testosterone level. Furthermore, since it’s the foundation of healthy sex, the reduction would degrade the quality of sex. [3]
  • Phones are libido murderer: You can’t enjoy sex unless you have the sexual fuel— the desire to submit and dominate your partner at the same moment. As the phones induce blue light, it interferes with the melatonin secretion— the hormone which makes your sleepy. The lack of sleep ensures that you feel tired throughout the day, and not giving a hoot to your partner’s sexual call because you are too low to give a damn.
  • Phone calls distract you: It’s tragic to learn that more than 1/3rd of people answer phone calls during sex. It’s a turn off your partner which kills the sexual momentum leading to the quarrel between the two. Adding butter to the slice, the men who spend more time gaming has low sex drive because nothing interests them other than virtual hysteria.

There’s no point in blaming the smartphones for distracting you. You are distracted because you choose to get distracted.

Smart people make use of mobile devices smartly where they manage a healthy balance between sex life and social life.

Tips For Choosing The Best Skin-Care Product

Tips For Choosing The Best Skin-Care Product

If you have been going through a series of YouTube videos; following a lot of Facebook and Instagram blogs, and sticking to a lot of other channels to extract hints for skin cure; you’d probably end up messing up more.

Your over-possessive nature for the skin might backfire because it needs your care but to a specific limit.

Anything which goes beyond the limit may do more harm than the good— and that stands true for the skin as well.

The best tip for choosing the perfect skin-product starts with “stop over-caressing it; you are irritating the skin more.”

Now that we are done with the non-irritant part, we can focus on choosing the best skin care product.

Stick to the basics— Learn about your skin problems.

Do you hail from the group which takes advice from friends and the local circles more than the skin specialists?

If that’s the case, you immediately need to halt.It’s a no brainer that a non-specialist advisor collects the data from the internet which may or may not be true.

Under such circumstances, you can’t afford to resort to anyone who’d aggravate your situation.

The best person to give two-cents about your skin problems is a dermatologist.

It’s where you start identifying your problems closely, and the basic idea about the skin and medication becomes clearer.

So, if a friend or family circle is too keen to advise on your skin issues; don’t say them ‘no.’

Instead, play the indifferent card by merely nodding your head as if you are listening to them but in actuality— you aren’t.

Unfried all the products— look for the best one.

Look! We understand your urge to become immortal, but that’s not possible on the interplanetary dimension.

If you have been kissing as many products to obliterate the signs of anti-aging, you will look older.

The worst part is— no single product could kill all the anti-aging signs; however, it still makes more sense than using the multiple-products.

You can begin with unfriending and shredding all the skin products from the rack, and choosing the best product.Look for the primary concern.

If your acne is more dominant on other skin problems like wrinkles than you should look forward to removing the acne rather than lines.

It’s like addressing the primary concern while living with comorbid conditions.In this way, your skin will be lesser exposed to the chemicals of the multi-skin products.

So, reach to the mirror, give an honest evaluation, and set up the product priority.

Train your skin— be your own dermatologist.

Well, you don’t have to become a dermatologist in a literal sense.You just have to learn your products in a broader note.

It automatically makes things easier for you when you have to decide the product.

Getting a little knowledge about the products and their active ingredients will strengthen your decision-making power so that you make an informed purchase.

For example, take a close look at all the ingredients such as anti-oxidant or hypoallergenic or avoiding other comedogenic products which chemically affect your skin.

Make sure that you learn everything about the content and their impact on your skin.

Immolating your forearm— saving your face.

The skin type may vary from person to person.There’s no guarantee that the product which suits your friend would suit you.

So, no one can foresee the future of skin reaction on your face.For that, you will have to immolate your forearm.That’s right.

Before using any product on the skin directly, make a patch test where you should apply the product on your forearm skin and check its consequences.If the test is successful, you can proceed with using it on the face skin.

If you want to further the precautionary measures, spend another day by applying a small chemical patch on your chin.Again, if the product passes the two-way test, you are good to go.