STDs – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 1)

STDs - 5 Reasons Why You Should Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 1)

Safe sex is the best sex.It saves you from several complications such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies.

You can terminate an unwanted pregnancy quickly as there are many options available on the market.

But when it comes to STDs, you’d be surprised how less you can do.

There are a few conditions such as Herpes which can be diagnosed shortly after contraction.

But sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia can often go unnoticed and are hard to diagnose even after a year from contraction. [1]It is better to practice safe sex than regret it later.

But if you have made the mistake of having unprotected sex and that you think you might be suffering from an STD, here is what you should do.

An unwanted or unusual discharge.

Well, you may have had a great sex session.But if you see any unusual or unwanted discharge from your vagina or your penis after intercourse, you need to see a doc right away!

Any unusual discharge from your genitals (except, of course, urine), in terms of color, odor, viscosity, and consistency after unprotected sex surely call for a quick checkup.

And if your partner is someone whom you have just met and don’t know about his/her history, the risk of you contracting an STD is even higher.

An itch that won’t go away

Same is the case with itches.

When you have unprotected sex, millions of bacteria are exchanged between you and your partner.

If you start to feel an itch in your private areas right after having unprotected sex, you surely need to get tested as soon as possible.

Again, same is the case regarding your partner; if he/she is a stranger or someone whom you barely know about, the risks of you contracting an STD are high.

You don’t like to look at your genitals.

It is often when you have unprotected sex, complications arrive.If you have developed sores or lesions on your private parts, then you are in trouble.

It is of no question what color and what size the lesions or sores are.If they are there, you need to get it checked right away.

Genital sores and lesion are usually a result of unprotected sex with a doubtful partner. [2]

You must visit a doctor to get yourself tested for many STDs that can have possibly caused that sore or a lesion.

When the pleasure of sex turns into pain

Sex is all about fun and pleasure.But what if the sex turns into a pain?Well, there is only one thing you can do – get yourself tested.

If you feel any pain while having sex which may feel abnormal or unusual to you, there is something wrong with your body.You must run to the doc asap and get yourself checked.

Having pain while sex cannot be the only one condition you must be having,Often pain during sex can be only a symptom of one or more STDs.

Your genitals bleed.

Bleeding genitals can perhaps be the worst thing that can happen to you after having unprotected sex.

If there is any abnormal bleeding for you and it doesn’t happen often, it can very well be an initial sign of s sexual transmitted disease. [3]

Many STDs do have genital bleeding symptoms.

So, if there is even the slightest of blood discharge after having unprotected sex, you must visit a doctor at the earliest.

It is always the best option to have safe sex.And it is even better if you have sex with a partner whom you know and trust.

Thus, always use protection and be sure you’re free of any STDs.What are your thoughts on this blog?Let us know in the comments!

The Magical Properties Of Peanut Butter For Treating Diabetes

The Magical Properties Of Peanut Butter For Treating Diabetes

Shocking, isn’t it?

How the most loved food item in the country present in almost every household could have dealt with diabetes which you never knew.

It was sitting right there on your kitchen shelves, but you never dared to touch it because you have diabetes.

Unlike ordinary butter, pure peanut butter doesn’t go straight to your thighs or arms and make you obese, which is one of the primary reasons for diabetes.

Once you start accumulating fat around your muscles, the body metabolizes the glucose slower which makes you prone to diabetes.

Diabetes is a widespread disease caused due to low secretion or of the insulin hormone in the body.

Now let’s have a look at how exactly this popular snack can help people with diabetes.

Have you ever thought of replacing your staple food with something much tastier and will not make you blow up like a balloon?

How is peanut butter better than your daily staple food?

Natural peanut butter is a substitute which doesn’t make you want to throw away your diet chart.

It has very low carbohydrate, regulates the blood sugar and fats in the body.

Peanuts are known to have a little score in GI. [1]

Now let me explain that for you, GI is a scale with a hundred points, which is designed to measure your sugar level and insulin change after you intake specific food.

Thankfully, peanut scores only 14.

There is a little game which our bodies play when we feed them with food which has a high score on GI.

The glucose in the body hike very quickly leading to increased blood sugar levels.

After some time the blood sugar crashes down drastically.

The highs and lows are not healthy for the body and contribute to type 2 diabetes.

The Magnesium in Peanuts comes to the rescue.

Peanuts are a high source of magnesium.A chronic deficiency of magnesium or a state of hypo-magnesium is a common symptom in people who have diabetes.

If the intracellular magnesium level decreases, the tyrosine-kinase activity is affected, and people are incapable of keeping up resistance to diabetes.

Regular intake of the right quantity of peanut butter will increase the power of the body to fight diabetes, reduce oxidative stress, and stop systemic inflammation. [2]

The nutritious quality of peanut butter is cherry on the cake.

Let me list for you the ingredients of a tablespoon (approx 32 g) of pure peanut butter with a hint of salt.

Calories: 188, Protein: 7.7 g, Carbohydrates: 6.9 g [including sugar (2.6 g) and fiber (2.7 g)], Saturated Fat: 2.4 g, Unsaturated Fat 7.4 g, Monosaturated Fat 4.5 g, Calcium: 14 milligrams (mg), Iron: 0.6 mg

Magnesium 51 mg, Phosphorus 102 mg, Potassium 238 mg, Sodium 156 mg, and

Zinc 0.9 mg.

Now compare it with any other butter.You will figure out in whose court the ball is.

It is why doctors favor peanut butter and do not resist their patients from having it.

The fiber is an essential nutrient to keeping check the blood sugar levels as it helps in digesting and absorbing the food very quickly.

Nuts are houses of good fats.

Mainly the monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat don’t add up to your cholesterol level but help in actually reducing it.

However, every coin has two sides.There are also some risks which can worsen your health.

If the calorie in peanut butter is too high then consuming too much will lead to obesity which may further aggravate the diabetic condition.

Not every peanut butter available in the market is all natural.The manufacturers add sugar to make it taste better and attract consumers.

It is essential that you save yourself from the trap of unethical manufacturers and read the ingredients before picking up any peanut butter.It should only contain peanut and maybe a pinch of salt.

Leave us your comments here if you have started eating peanut butter after reading this article.

Share your thoughts and feelings on how it has had a positive impact on your health to help and inspire others.

How Spinach Wards Off Diabetes Naturally

How Spinach Wards Off Diabetes Naturally

You probably might find spinach extremely bitter, and it is may not be one of your favorites.

But believe me, it is considered one of the superfoods in the diabetic diet.

The high fiber, folate, iron, lutein, protein, and calcium content in spinach are the things which make it a superfood with superpowers.

Even if you eat a large quantity of these water-soluble vegetables, it will add only a negligible amount of sugar to your blood.

So, add it right now to your diabetic diet chart.

It turns out the American Diabetes Association has connoted spinach as a power-food for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.So what is it that makes it such a crucial ingredient for a diabetic diet?

It helps in pulling the strings of blood sugar.

As it is rich in fiber, you get ample time to digest it completely.The advantage of which is it will not hike up your blood sugar level instantly.

It is also a non-starchy veggie which makes it a great food having the least amount of effect on blood glucose levels.

In fact, the soluble fiber in it assists in reducing the sugar level in blood and controlling diabetes.

Every cup of cooked spinach has around 4 to 5 grams of fiber.It is also a low-glycaemic index food.

Any food which is low on GI is known to have a very minimalistic effect on blood sugar level.

To conclude, you can add to your diet as much greenery as you want without worrying about increasing sugar level and a bonus is that it will keep you fit.

The Antioxidants properties discourage diabetes

To fight the oxidative damage in the body antioxidants come to the rescue. [1]

It is advised to intake a lot of natural antioxidants if you have diabetes.What can be better than green spinach to act as an antioxidant?

It has been studied that spinach contains alpha lipoic acid which is revealed as a great antioxidant.

Not only does it lower the sugar level in the blood but also hypes up the production of insulin which is the vital hormone controlling the blood sugar level in the body.

It is also well known for treating diabetic neuropathy.

When the nerves get badly affected as a negative impact of diabetes, you tend to experience seizures or pain in various parts of the body.This condition is termed as diabetic neuropathy.

Along with proper medication, spinach is a natural remedy for diabetes which really doesn’t have any side effect and will only do you good.

Deals with ‘blood pressure’ – A deadly threat for diabetic

Diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension are always linked to one another. [2]

Having both of them together heightens the chances of fatal diseases.

High blood pressure often adds up to the chances of complicated medical situations every day in diabetic patients such as eye problems, kidney diseases, and heart problems.

Spinach works like wonders for keeping the blood pressure stable.People suffering from hypertension have agreed to the fact that spinach has benefitted them in unexplainable ways.

The blood pressure usually levels up when the quantity of sodium is high in your body.

The potassium content in spinach negates the effect of sodium and never allows your blood pressure to rise to a risky level.

If you have diabetes, you are most probably already exposed to hypertension.

Diabetes is a deadly disease which damages the arteries to an extent where they become hard and narrow.

It, in turn, blocks the blood flow through them resulting in high blood pressure.

High blood pressure if not recognized and treated on time might even lead to heart attack or kidney failure.

Next time you go for grocery shopping do not forget to pick up a bunch of spinach as it will be the most beneficial item in your menu if you have diabetes.

Leave us your comments on how this magical veggie has had a positive impact on your health.

Consumption Of Green Coffee Can Help You Battle With Diabetes

Consumption Of Green Coffee Can Help You Battle With Diabetes

Now, this must be the first time you are reading the words “green coffee” and also the fact that coffee can help you deal with diabetes.

But don’t be shocked, we are here to explain how.Have you ever been in one of those situations where alarming deadlines are dangling over your head, and you cannot find a way out?

You yearn for caffeine to destress yourself a little, but you can’t have it as you are a diabetic patient.

And then you badly wished how there could have been an alternative for coffee.Good News.

There is not only an alternative for coffee but a lot healthier one.Green coffee.

While preparing the coffee just take some unroasted green coffee beans and there you have your green coffee.

It has multiple benefits which are nothing less than blessings for people with diabetes, which will make you start drinking it from today itself.

It fends off free-radical related diabetes.

Diabetes is closely associated with oxidative stress.Oxidative stress is something when you free radicals of oxygen continuously hammer the cells making them prone to damage.

It results in high blood pressure and inflammation, both of which are unbent tracks towards diabetes.

The only way to prevent oxidants from validating your health is the consumption of antioxidants.

Antioxidants safeguard the endothelium, an outer layer of cells covering the blood vessels.

Any dysfunction in the endothelial cells can develop several diabetic micros as well as macro-vascular diseases.

The modulation of antioxidant enzymes in the body eradicates the danger of diabetic complications whose dysfunction leads to heart and kidney failure.

So now, instead of refraining you from excessive intake of caffeine, people will encourage you to have green coffee with them.

It helps you lose that extra kilos-based diabetes

It is a very well known fact that when you become overweight, you are more prone to diabetes. [1]If you already have diabetes, it becomes a necessity to manage your weight.

Obese people have an increased amount of fatty acids, proinflammatory markers, glycerol, hormones, etc. which tampers with the process of secretion of insulin.Insulin metabolizes blood glucose or blood sugar from the food we eat.

Diminished production of insulin in the body causes diabetes or increases the sugar level in blood.A cup of freshly brewed green coffee comes to the rescue.

Green coffee is known to have chlorogenic acid which quickly burns out the fatty acids and helps in weight management.

Along with daily exercises, substitute your regular coffee with green coffee for increased effectiveness.

It directly shrinks the blood sugar level.

Green coffee is not like the usual coffee.It will surprise you in ways you could have never imagined.

Again, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee hikes up the secretion of the hormone, insulin, which regulates the blood sugar.

A prescribed or calculated amount of green coffee benefits people with diabetes to maintain their sugar level.

If you eat food with high carbohydrate, your sugar levels are determined to increase.

What the chlorogenic acid does is it doesn’t let the carbohydrates absorb in the digestive tracts.

Hence, keeping the blood sugar in check.The medical term for an increase in blood sugar level is ‘hyperglycemia.’

Hyperglycemia, if not controlled in time, go out to damage the vessels that transport blood to essential organs. [2]

You become susceptible to unrecoverable heart diseases, stroke, kidney disease, and even vision impairment and neurological problems.

These problems are generally not studied in kids but are very common with adults.

Adults can give in to their cravings for coffee and also benefit their health with green coffee.

So, all coffee lovers out there, you do not have to give up coffee anymore because of diabetes because green coffee is here to replace it with even better health qualities.

So, are you grabbing your sachets of green coffee today? Make friends with green coffee and don’t forget to let us know its therapeutic effects.