7 Simple Things You Should Say Every Day For A Stronger Relationship

Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, support, and good communication, as explained in an article by the Hall Health Center at the University of Washington. However, a healthy relationship takes a lot of work, and the one thing you need to make it stronger is effective communication.

Researchers believe communication is a greater predictor of divorce, more than personality compatibility, commitment levels, and life events, according to American Psychology Association. Here are 7 things that couples in healthy relationships say to each other every day.

“I’m sorry.”

  • We all make mistakes, but not everyone is able to admit them. Acknowledging when you are wrong and taking responsibility for your actions is a sure sign of maturity. By saying “I’m sorry” when needed, you are acting maturely while building trust in your relationship.
  • A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that apologizing, rather than denial, built better trust in interpersonal relationships following a violation in trust.

“Let’s settle this later.”

  • Arguments and disagreements are a normal part of every relationship. However, how we manage these disagreements determines the outcomes of our relationships. Frequent and unresolved conflict puts too much strain on your physical and mental resources and can undermine your health and well-being.
  • This is why it is so important to find equilibrium each time you have an argument. If you notice your voices raising, past issues being brought up, and bickering, it might be time to take a deep breath and say that you’ll discuss the issue once your adrenaline levels get back to normal, suggests the Counseling and Wellness Center.

“Good night.”

  • Saying “good night” every night, even if you had a bad day, is a good indicator that your relationship matters to you, says Mark Goulston, a clinical psychiatrist and professor at University of California, Los Angeles. He explains that saying “good night” means that what the two of you have is more important than any upsetting thing that might have happened earlier.

“Tell me how you feel.”

  • According to the APA, busy couples often engage in trivial conversations regarding their daily routines and obligations. Avoid daily surface-level communication, and try encouraging each other to share your innermost feelings. If your partner is hurt by one of your actions, listen to his or her side of the story.
  • However, make sure to truly listen to your partner. Psychology researcher John M. Grohol says that most people lack this essential feature of effective communication. Most people find it hard to set their point of view aside and just listen to the other’s concern, which makes effective communication almost impossible.

“You have my support.”

  • Maybe you’re not aware, but it’s important to let your partner know that you support him or her. Showing support with both verbal and nonverbal cues makes your partner feel safe to be him or herself in the relationship, which helps build trust and intimacy, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“I love you.”

  • Saying “I love you” for the first time is a hard stepping stone in every relationship. However, once you’ve passed it, you end up with the habit of making “I love you” seem like a chore or even something to be understood rather than spoken out loud.
  • According to a YouGov survey, more than half of the couples in relationships lasting from 1 to 5 years said “I love you” on a daily basis. The numbers seemed to drop significantly with each growing year of the relationship. While this is natural, saying “I love you” could and should make a difference in the quality of your relationship.

“Have a good day!”

  • Goulstone also emphasizes the importance of giving each other a daily dose of encouragement by saying “have a good day” with each new morning’s send-off. The outside world can be harsh, and knowing that your partner is supportive of you while you are out and about will give both of you the strength and energy you need to go through life’s common battles.
  • In conclusion, healthy relationships increase our sense of well-being. Unhealthy ones, on the other hand, can make our lives miserable. How we communicate with our significant other gives insight into the state of our relationship, but changing our communication style can also help us improve the quality of our relationships.
  • Say these 7 things to each other daily and you’ll definitely develop a deeper bond, enduring friendship, and increased intimacy.