7 Ways Introverts Love Differently

Trust me, the perks are endless.

Introvert. Type B personality. Call us whatever you like, just know that we’re going to write a passive-aggressive Facebook status about it later.

Our tendency to overthink can sometimes prevent us from taking action and get us in trouble. But it’s also the main reason why we make better partners:

We always think before we act.

Here are the benefits of earning the love of someone who’s stuck inside their own head:

We’re “all or nothing” with people.

  • And that’s particularly beneficial if you’re on the “all” side of the equation. Most introverted people tend to have a small group of people they focus all their love and attention on, rather than spreading it across countless acquaintances.
  • That means you’re going to get a much higher proportion of our energy and attention (and therefore love) than with someone who’s more of a social butterfly.
  • We’d rather give a few people 100% of ourselves than give many people a tiny fraction.

We’re not the jealous type.

  • Introverts understand the need for personal space more than anyone. We’re not going to spend the night worrying about who you go out to happy hour with because we’re likely to be enjoying that time to rejuvenate ourselves.
  • Being around other people can physically drain introverts, so we value our alone time. That means we understand that you might need your own, as well.

We’re extremely patient.

  • Introverts are often type B personalities and have a hard time getting caught up in the moment. We’re not a carpe diem kind of mentality.
  • While a more outgoing ‘type A’ person might be looking to take action in any given moment—say, during a heated argument—we’re always just thinking. Rash decisions aren’t part of our mental architecture.
  • The upshot is that we’re a lot better at dealing with crises and rough patches in a relationship. Anyone can be a great partner when the going is easy, but we can be a great partner even when the going gets tough.

We admit to (and correct) our mistakes.

  • As a corollary to the above point, we’re constantly judging ourselves and analyzing our decisions. There’s nothing worse than a partner who digs themselves a hole and then stubbornly refuses to leave it out of pride. That ain’t us.

When it comes to love, we show it instead of talking about it.

  • We might not opt for the grand, sweeping gesture by default. And we’re self-conscious, so we’re not going to shout your name from the mountaintops.
  • But we’re the ones who are going to bring you take-out when you’re stuck working late. We’re going to do a DIY art project centered on an inside joke of our relationship.
  • It’s not just because we listen; it’s because we really hear you and know what you need better than anyone else.

We’re big believers in self-improvement.

  • Want a partner that just keeps getting better? Part of the very definition of being introspective is the preoccupation with one’s self.
  • Because our critical gaze is often turned inward, it means we’re always thinking about ways to improve ourselves and our lives.

We listen more closely than the NSA.

  • As introverts, we’re just more comfortable inside our own heads. And as such, we’d rather be receiving information than distributing it.
  • The benefit for you is that you’re getting someone who really listens, and isn’t just waiting for their turn to talk. And that’s how people connect and grow closer as a couple through learning about each other, remembering what matters most to the other person, and feeling as though your emotions are tied to theirs.