Blood In Semen— Not A Man’s Menstruation

Blood In Semen— Not A Man’s Menstruation

It’s not simple to be a woman with blood babbling through the genital; however, it’s not easy to be a man either.

Although the odds are low if you were to bleed with semen ejection— what are the chances that you were menstruating?

Keeping the joke aside.Hemospermia is characterized by the condition when you bleed with semen.

Since it often goes unnoticed, the exact prevalence of the condition is yet not apparent; nevertheless, one of the vague studies says that it one out of every 5000 urological patients is distressed with it.

Moreover, the traditional belief that sexual abstinence or intense sex leads to the given condition has kept people in the wrong shell of ideas.

But you should take a close look at it because it’s not a men’s mensuration something like women do— something very natural.

Instead, if you are shooting blood and semen, it’s a cause of worry, and you need to pay proper medical attention to find out the exact reason for the same.

Here’s why your semen looks red when you masturbate or have sex.

Inflammation in the reproductive organs.

Do you know that inflammations are useful as they are painful reaction or signs which your body produces so that you don’t miss the presence of allergy or cell damage?

It’s what that happens with your reproductive organs.

With the damaged reproductive organs such as Prostate, Vas Deferens, Seminal Vesicles, Urethra, Epididymis, etc. and the tubes, ducts, and glands connecting them; when you ejaculate, the action of inflammation causes bleeding.

It’s a sign that something is not right internally, and you need to confer with the doctor.

It’s a fair chance that urethral tumor or seminal vesicles malignancy exists within the body, and it accompanies inflammatory reaction leading to bleeding while jerking off. [1]

Infection can squeeze the blood out from your penis.

Your penis and other reproductive organs aren’t safe from the threat of infection.Infection can squeeze the blood out from your penis during ejaculation.

Some of the chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or schistosomiasis bring inflammation and pain in the reproductive glands, ducts, Urethra, and all the organs mentioned in the above point.

Although tuberculosis bacteria affects the lungs in most of the cases, in rare cases, it may attack other parts of the body including the penis causing ulcer-look alike tumor.

As the infection may warrant pain, ulcer, and inflammation in the reproductive organs, you are likely to produce semen with blood.

When you are forced to play the adult time game.

You can’t have a homogenous sexual mood throughout life.It’s to spike and fall— depending on the hormones.

With the low sexual desire, if you are dragged into sex— the pubic region refuses to enjoy it, and out of irritation, it may develop other infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI).

Although we avoid talking about this reason, the reality is— forced sex causes urinary infection which may further aggravate the situation by accompanying blood with semen.

Unprotected sex can leave you bleeding.

It’s hard to believe, but unprotected sex may lead to blood discharge with semen.

Having unprotected sex exposes you to the adversaries of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

These diseases lead to the painful pubic region which, in turn, causes swelling in the testes, burning sensation in the penis, etc.

As they make way for painful sensation, the body may react by bleeding with the semen.

Sexual infections have a more substantial impact than usual infection because usual ones may not reach your organ whereas genital infections begin with your genitals.

The medical biopsy and treatment let you bleed.

Sometimes, the medical procedures such as prostate biopsy (which is carried out with transrectal ultrasound technique) and urinal treatment let you bleed with semen.

These processes have earned a bad reputation in irritating the semen region, thereby inducing trauma which leads to blood discharge with it.

In most of the circumstances, the condition is temporary and reversible.

If you aren’t bleeding, you should be thankful towards nature instead of searching for the reasons to bleed.