Can Anxiety Trigger Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Anxiety Trigger Erectile Dysfunction?

Anxiety is a mental health disorder while erectile dysfunction is a sexual health disorder. No matter both are at the extreme ends, they link to each other the way you’ve not imagined.

When you’re anxious, you invite a lot of health problems & life changes unknowingly. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is one of them. However, it isn’t necessary that male impotence occurring this way is permanent. But, it could leave lasting effects on the male sex drive.

How does it happen? Let’s have a quick look.

Anxiety & Erectile Dysfunction – What is the link?

The uneasiness and panic you’re facing due to some life events can make you feel anxious. Though it is human nature & can happen to anyone, it should come and go. The problem arises when anxiety becomes a part of your daily routine. Long-term anxiety often leads to panic attacks.

Anxious men likely experience performance anxiety. They may assume that they’re not capable enough to satisfy their partners during sex. Also, constant worrying makes them distant from sexual intimacies. Such umbrella effects on mood create imbalance & it triggers erectile dysfunction in turn.

Overall, the symptoms of anxiety lasting for a few weeks create a worrisome scenario for feeling an erectile failure. Now you know how these health issues link.

Does treating anxiety treat ED too?

Erectile dysfunction is not only caused by anxiety. Other mood disorders like stress and depression can also lead to male impotence. Besides such psychological factors, some physical health issues are also responsible for not letting men attain the desired hardness.

In short, erectile dysfunction can be treated by treating anxiety in case if the latter is the responsible reason behind ED. Otherwise, you’ll have to consult the doctor and seek medical advice on the same. You may then be prescribed oral ED pills like Suhagra 50Malegra 200Fildena Super Active, etc whichever suits you best.

How to know if it is anxiety that is causing erectile dysfunction?

No one but you can observe if anxiety is bothering you & causing erectile dysfunction. Check if you have the following symptoms:

  • Lack of concentration at work
  • Not finding any interest in sexual intimacy
  • The mind constantly roams even if you’re with your partner
  • You don’t feel like romancing anymore
  • Financial or personal life issues don’t let you enjoy sexual activities
  • You feel performance anxiety all the time
  • You’re less confident & unsure if you’re satisfying your partner or not
  • Your partner demands something new for sex but you fail to impress them

P.S. these are just a few symptoms. You may discover more based on your lifestyle.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

The very first thing to do is consult the doctor and discuss what’s happening to you. Let them examine your medical health conditions and figure out a relevant treatment option. You’ll be prescribed highly effective ED pills like Fildena ProfessionalVidalista Black 80, etc depending on your health requirements.

Don’t forget to disclose your medical history for them to share a better solution. Anxiety or erectile dysfunction could be temporary, but you should not take any of them lightly. Find a solution ASAP!