Can Erectile Dysfunction be Triggered by Blood Pressure Drugs?

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Triggered by Blood Pressure Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction problem prevails worldwide and is a dark side of our lavish lifestyles for sure. It is a condition in which men face difficulty in attaining a satisfying erection to have good sex or satisfy their partners. Studies have shown that ED problems are widely associated with blood pressure medications. But it is difficult to say it with a conviction that blood pressure medicines alone cause of ED.

Blood pressure medicines like alpha-blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, and Calcium Channel Blockers are unlikely to cause ED. Diuretics or water pills like Thiazide diuretics and loop diuretics commonly cause ED. Some beta-blockers also contribute to the risk of ED.

What to do if your Blood Pressure Medicines are causing ED?

You are left with the following alternatives to try when your blood pressure medicines are causing you to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or impotence:

  1. Consult your doctor and seek guidance if you need your medicines and if there is any way you can reduce the dosage or stop it completely.
  2. When you undergo treatment of high blood pressure then it is not possible to stop the medication completely as it may worsen your ED problems in the long run. It’s a better move to ask your doctor if they can prescribe an alternative medicine that is less likely to cause ED.
  3. If both of the above-mentioned options don’t work, don’t worry! You can get a prescription from the doctor with a medicine that targets ED only. The patient may be prescribed with Generic Cialis, Fildena, Generic Levitra, or more, depending on their physical and psychological health conditions.

Considering the Flip Side

We have seen the consequences of taking blood pressure medicines that may cause ED in the long run. But what if you are diagnosed with ED before consuming blood pressure treatment drugs? Sometimes, the latter medicines may not be responsible to cause ED problems and there could be more reasons like:

Physical Health Conditions

Some critical health issues like diabetes, hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, pelvic trauma or surgery, and rare diseases like scleroderma and Peyronie’s disease.

Mental Health Issues

Hypertension, Depression, Emotional Stress, Anxiety, Relationship difficulties, and worrying about sexual performance.

Smoking & Drinking Habits (Alcohol, Grapefruit Juice, etc)

Drug addiction or frequent alcohol consumption may get the patient in the mood for sex in no time but they make it difficult to attain a satisfying or harder erection.

The very first thing which should be done in such cases is to tell the real picture to your doctor. They should know your alcohol or drug habits and the level of ED you suffer from. It helps them to figure out the problem and find a better solution.

The Takeaway

The picture is clear to a great extent now that ED can happen for many reasons and not because of the side-effects of blood pressure medicines. If any current medicine is consumed with a risk of ED, other factors may also play like adverse physical and psychological health conditions.

One cannot ignore the treatment of blood pressure problems with a fear of ED. There are alternative solutions that treat ED and blood pressure with two different medicines that can be consumed at the same time without clashing the active ingredients. You can think of living without having sex at a time but cannot afford to risk your life for the mere satisfaction of your body. Be wise and discuss your lifestyle and critical health issues with your doctor for better guidance.

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