Does Your Body Need Amino Acid For Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Your Body Need Amino Acid For Erectile Dysfunction?

Amino acids are the small bricks which chain together to make proteins.You can draw an analogy as if beads are chained-together to form a necklace called protein.

Our bodies are meant to understand the message-carrying neurotransmitters, and supposed to respond following it.Amino acids help in the synthesis of these message-bearing neurotransmitters and hormones.Hence, amino acid plays a vital role in deciding the action and reaction of our bodies.

And everything goes pretty much the same with the sexual function.

Amino acids produce the neurotransmitters and hormones which lead to a successful sexual-session.As they guide sexual session, do they also control sexual functions such as penile erection?The answer is reasonably straightforward— yes!So, let’s check some of the amino acids which subdue the erectile dysfunction and lead to the prolonged erection.

L-arginine amino acid

The l-arginine amino acid is one of the most crucial amino acids for erectile dysfunction.It makes the proteins necessary for sex hormones and growth.

Apart from that, L-arginine gets converted into nitric oxide— the chemical which has a medical term— vasodilator.

With a higher percentage of nitric oxide, the blood vessels get dilated in the different organs of the body which, as a result, displace more blood including the genitals.

As genital carries more blood, the men distressed by erectile dysfunction has something to cheer.

Sources of L-arginine: It’s a semi-essential chemical which adults manage without adding a specific diet (using glutamine via citrulline); however, adolescents and young kids can’t naturally synthesize it in their bodies. So, to cover up the need, they need to add arginine-supplements in the body.

Although its supplements are available over the counter, it is also found in Pumpkin Seed, Soybean, Pork and chicken as food, peanut, etc.

L-citrulline amino acid

Although L-citrulline is labeled as a non-essential amino acid for the body, the acid is a precursor to L-arginine.The kidney converts L-citrulline amino acids into L-arginine in the presence of necessary enzymes.

As we read that L-arginine is a direct source of Nitric Oxide in the body, the muscle walls of the blood vessels get relaxed and conduct more blood in the penis than the ED-hit patient.As a result, the penis gets hardened and attains the persistent firmness good enough for sexual penetration.

Sources of L-citrulline: Despite being a nonessential amino acid, it’s vital for the production of L-arginine.

The supplement is readily available over the counter; however, it gets naturally produced by watermelon, Legumes, meat, and nuts.

L-lysine amino acid

L-lysine amino acid rewards human body with a lot of therapeutic effects such as anti-herpes effect, high blood sugar level, infection, etc.; however, in the past few years, it has been associated with the treatment of erectile dysfunction with the added sex benefits.

We are aware of the fact that high sugar level and Cholesterol carrying LPAs create plaque in the arteries.As penis has small arteries, LPAs may block them much before any other arteries in the body.

As the small arteries in the penis get clogged, the patient advances towards developing erectile dysfunction.L-lysine amino acid expands the blood vessels and reduces the anxiety— another cause of erectile dysfunction.

The improved blood vessels mean improved erectile strength.

Sources of L-lysine: Again, the human body can’t produce lysine on their own. So, they got to get dietary support for getting the sufficient amount of L-lysine.

The biosynthesized L-lysine gets converted into the supplements which are readily available over the pharmacy counter; however, if you are eyeing at natural sources, they are red meat, egg, chicken, lentils, beans, etc.

The amino acid is one of the primary nutrients which our body needs.

There are nine essential amino acids which our body fails to produce; however, sticking to the diet mentioned above might give our body enough amino acids to combat erectile dysfunction.