Effects of Alcohol on Erections in Males

Effects of Alcohol on Erections in Males

In case you’re an alcohol addict and never thought about this before then this is your sign to take it seriously! Alcohol affects the quality of erections and it could be one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction too.

Though alcohol is considered a major stress reliever, it can cause irreversible harm to your erectile health. Many men are not even aware if alcohol is a sex enhancer or inhibitor. Moreover, they don’t know if it can make sex drive booster pills ineffective. On the contrary, men taking sexual enhancers like Fildena Super Active, Malegra Oral Jelly, Cenforce, Vidalista, etc should discontinue alcohol during their treatment period. It is important to do so else they can slip into excessive dizziness which is again harmful to health.

How Alcohol Affects Erections In Men?

Basically, alcohol is a depressant with sedative effects. It also acts as an aesthetic. Men can easily feel numbness after drinking alcohol. You can also say that it is the main reason why most men rely on alcohol. They want to get rid of work-life stress, are willing to forget the love of their life, and want to compensate for major losses. Alcohol seems to be an easy ticket and they start drinking more of it unaware that it’ll make their health worse.

Drug or alcohol abuse always appears to be an easy escape while they hit core health and destroy your existence in all possible ways. With this said, drinking excess alcohol can numb penile sensations in males. As a result, it is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain erections. Besides this, men cannot attain orgasm. Orgasms could be a dream for couples who’re addicted to alcohol.

Just a couple of months after alcohol addiction, men find a lack of sexual motivation, and their sex drive flattens too. It is important to rely on alcohol in limited amounts only. In case you cannot control your alcohol intake then avoid driving or using heavy machines else you can meet accidents.

Does Alcohol Clash With ED Medicines? How Is It Possible?

Erectile dysfunction medicines are mostly oral remedies used for enhancing erections in men. They’re used for treating poor libido and symptoms of impotence. Such medicines have PDE-5 inhibitors as their major components. These PDE-5 inhibitor drugs boost blood circulation towards the penis for promoting and keeping stronger erections. Though they don’t have any major side effects, dizziness and drowsiness happen to be major side effects of this medicine.

No matter if you’re taking any brand medicine or generic ED pills, such side effects will remain. On the other hand, if you cannot let go of your alcohol addiction and drink alcohol with ED medicines then be prepared for havoc on your health.

Alcohol is a dizziness promoter and so are these ED pills promoting dizziness. Hence, the user is about to experience severe dizziness. However, it could only happen when you’re drinking alcohol in excess amounts. Limiting alcohol usage to a glass or two will not cause much trouble comparatively.

Should You Drink Alcohol Or Not?

If you ask us, we would say please limit alcohol usage and if possible, don’t drink alcohol for as long as you’re undergoing treatment with impotence medicines. This is the best possible way for balancing your good sex life and alcohol habits.

Seek further guidance from your medical care provider.