HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 4)

HIV-AIDS Masking Off All The Myths

There’s a belief that doctors and laboratory staff share the HIV details with the society which ultimately instills fear making it difficult for them to go for other tests and medication.

While doctors and lab staffs have several things to do other than to share your personal details, even if they do, society has no right to dilute your prestige.

The society looks down upon you because of the “preconceived myths,” and we must mend the societal rupture.

So, let’s take on society and their belief one by one.

Every HIV-affected person ends up having AIDS.

HIV is a virus and AIDS is a condition.

To shed more light; when HIV enters into your bloodstream, and when the CD4 count reduces to 200, it’s when you have acquired AIDS.

People acquire AIDS after the third stage if left untreated.

Around three decades back, the people who had HIV also had AIDS— credits to the lack of medication and delay in diagnosis.

However, with more than thirty medicines looming up for the same and accurate HIV testing, the current medical system has managed a lot of HIV cases.

The current drugs have the potency to almost suppress AIDS (by 99%), and a person can lead a healthy life without ending up having AIDS.

Here’s the ultimate catch— an HIV infected person will have to live under medical supervision throughout his life because neglecting or skipping the medication may yield favorable aura for AIDS.

HIV has serious love towards the poor and specific class.

The myth that HIV affects poor or any other specific class crosses all the limits of rumors.

If the virus were to be humans, the claims would have sounded legit; however, the virus has no bias— it loves all the host-bodies

So, whether you are rich or poor, Hispanic or African, young or old, male or female; you may get HIV.

Since the virus replicates in the seminal, vaginal, blood, and milk fluid medium; anyone can come into its contact.

Yes, there may be differences between the way you get it treated.

While treatment can burn the pockets of poor making them more susceptible to life-threatening AIDS, rich can afford the expenses, thereby averting the possible dangers of the severe stages like AIDS.

So, it’s a piece of serious advice to take calculated protection irrespective of the class or gender because HIV spreads through action and not your private labels.

HIV is a gift of unprotected sex only.

There’s no more prominent myth than “HIV spreads through sexual acts only.”

As soon as the society takes the note of HIV patients, they distribute virtual character certificates— the certificates which mostly possess the assassinated and stigmatized character.

HIV spreads through two more other modes— blood and milk.

It spreads through used needles, breastfeeding, and as lowly dangerous method as the fish pedicure.

Basically, it can be the result of endless possibilities for blood transfusion.

We need active awareness campaigns to prevent stigmatization of people because social baggage adds depressive symptoms which eventually degrade the HIV condition.

Spreading HIV has been a sadist agenda in several cases, and there’s no point in judging the patient as he needs compassion, empathy, and love as much as cancer patients need.

In several cases, it’s a perpetual act where one of the partners doesn’t reveal about the disorder— got to hail their criminal mindset.

Changing the needle prevents HIV.

It’s a good step if you acknowledge that changing the needle is must; however, that’s not enough to combat the adversaries of HIV.

Unfortunately, the doctors and laboratory staffs ignore the fact that along with the needle, they also need a quick replacement of syringe.

Since the syringe contains the afflicted blood, there are chances that using the same syringe the very next moment on HIV negative patient may infect him.

Hence, if your doctor doesn’t replace the entire injecting tool, press him to do it.

Similarly, if you are a doctor, it’s your responsibility to take care of minute details to prevent the promulgation of the virus in a healthy body.