Home treatment of ED

Home treatment of ED

If you only experience occasional episodes of erectile dysfunction, you may be able to treat it at home without a doctor’s help.

  • Lifestyle changes. Some of the causes of erection failure are within your control, such as stress, smoking, and alcohol use. Regular exercise and the correct diet help to prevent and treat ED.
  • Talk to your partner. Often sharing your worries about sexual performance with your partner can break a vicious cycle of anxiety. You may find out that your partner does not view the problem as seriously as you do. This may leave you freer to enjoy sexual activity instead of consciously tracking your performance.
  • Make some time together to enjoy simple sensual pleasure, such as caressing and massaging without the goal of having sexual intercourse or even an erection. You may discover new kinds of sexual pleasure while you reserve intercourse for another occasion when you are more at ease.
  • Sexual problems are often the result of underlying difficult feelings between you and your partner. Are you angry with him or her? Are you worried about rejection? Talk openly about these feelings and try to resolve conflicts. At the same time you might want to reassure your partner that erectile dysfunction very seldom arises from lack of sexual interest.
  • Pelvic-floor exercises (similar to Kegel exercises) may be helpful in some men with erection problems. These exercises have no risks.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about seeking professional help if home strategies don’t help and erection problems are persistent and troublesome.

Men have always attempted to boost their “performance” or manhood by looking for a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED). Each and every culture has invented an ED cure, from eating bulls’ testicles to shark fin soup.

At best, natural remedies will contain the same ingredient as Viagra, but in much lower quantities, which makes them significantly less effective.

The power of the mind is not to be underestimated when it comes to believing in remedies so they may sometimes work, even if they do not contain any active substance (this is known as a placebo effect). However, herbal ED remedies offered online can present major health risks. It is important that you understand your treatment options before you take any medication.

Below, we clarify the risks and dangers of taking herbal Viagra, and explain your treatment options.

Is there a safe alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Many traditional remedies are being sold online, due to the exceptional demand for erectile dysfunction treatment.

This is worrying in light of the fact that just 1 in 4 men will discuss their ED with a professional doctor, as it suggests that many are risking their health by buying dubious products online.

In many cases, ED is caused by an underlying cardiovascular problem, which requires immediate treatment. Make sure you talk to a professional. This can be face-to-face, or if you feel too embarrassed, you can consult our online doctor.

What Are The Dangers Of Unregulated Herbal Viagra?

Many alternative remedies have not been licensed and tested. In some cases, sellers have altered the formula, packaging and labelling to avoid regulatory issues.

National agencies which regulate medicines and online pharmacies have to deal with a vast number of new treatments offered, and many ineffectual or dangerous drugs end up on the market. Unregulated medicines may contain an incorrect dosage or a harmful substance.

In the UK, legal herbal remedies show either the THR (traditional herbal registration) logo or the product licence on the label.

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What Are The Alternative Treatments?

When looking for a natural cure for erectile dysfunction, your search results on the web might prove quite confusing. You’ll be looking at an endless list, each product claiming to be the most effective or most ancient and so on.

Researchers have managed to break down these treatments into a short list, based on the active principle behind each of these herbal remedies.


DHEA is a steroid hormone naturally produced by the body; it only helps when you have a low level of testosterone, which is a rare condition and unlikely to cause ED.

Side-effects include acne and a reduced level of good cholesterol. High levels of bad cholesterol can over time lead to ED.

Horny Goat Weed

Recent research shows, that this ancient chinese remedy works in a similar fashion as Viagra. Under the label of a natural cure for erectile dysfunction, horny goat weed is probably the most famous treatment available online.

However, its effect is on average 80 times less than Viagra, so achieving an effective dosage is difficult.


Several supplements and vitamins are sometimes advertised as remedies for erectile dysfunction, too.

In men with a zinc deficiency, taking a zinc supplement will help but you need to beware of taking an overdose. Too high a level of zinc in your body can harm your immune system.

Some online pharmacies sell vitamins to help cure ED and studies have shown that Vitamin E may help men who also take Viagra – but conclusions are largely speculative.

Vitamin supplements don’t have side effects, as long as dosage directions are followed carefully.


Ginseng is a natural cure for ED which originated in China. Studies have shown that it can have a mild positive effect on impotence. However, ginseng may also lower your blood sugar levels, which makes it highly dangerous for diabetics. Do not take it if you think your ED may have been caused by diabetes.

Caution: “Herbal”

Many products will claim to contain a herbal form of Viagra: these are often dangerous and have been banned in the US and elsewhere in Europe.

In the UK, look for the THR logo (traditional herbal registration) on the box of the product.

Original, licensed Viagra is only available on prescription. It is important that you talk to a fully qualified doctor prior to taking it – this is to ensure you get the best treatment possible for your ED.

Anything Else I Should Worry About?

Many natural erectile dysfunction treatment options represent “a serious threat to public health and could be dangerous”, as the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)) states.

Again, the importance of consulting a professional doctor must be highlighted.

It is not worth finding a dangerous treatment online, when effective and safe treatments can be legally prescribed and obtained for a similar price – for example from a regulated UK online doctor such as Zava.

Your ED may also flag up a serious underlying problem that also needs treatment: you need to consult a GP for this.

The Food and Drug Administration has listed a number of potentially harmful products to avoid that are often being sold under the category of “natural cure for erectile dysfunction”.