How Depression Affects Sex?

How Depression Affects Sex

How Depression Affects Sex?

Depression has been a mystery to the scientist since ages! It surprising how even the most smiling of us suffer from depression.

It is undoubtedly hard to point out the suffering ones among others.Depression can be caused due to many reasons.There is no sure way to tell if something is going to lead you in depression.

Depression is more of a state of mind, much less an infirmity.Your mind puts itself in depression, and only you can recover from it.

And once you are suffering from depression, other areas of life start taking a hit as well, like your sex life.Depression can be harmful to your sex life.

No matter how much you love sex, depression will lead you to have mixed feelings about it.Let us tell you today all about the effects of depression on your sex life.

It will drain you out.

No, don’t confuse it with your 9 to 5.We’re talking about depression here.When you are suffering from depression, you feel fatigued.

And it makes you not want to sleep.Due to depression, you feel tired even after resting for a great deal of time. [1]

And when you are insomniac, feel fatigued all the time, you struggle to have good sex.

No matter how badly you want it, depression would render you incapable of feeling sexual excitement, much less indulging it.

You won’t feel love.

Having great sex with your companion is a far-fetched ambition when you can’t feel the love at all.

Depression makes you feel you’re unworthy of love, even though you are not and are loved by your family and friends.

This makes people around you feel vexed because they think they are incompetent of making you happy or even break the emotional barrier between you and them.

Fading pleasures.

Depression strips you of all the pleasures of life.Not only sex, but depression will also take pleasure out of the ordinary things in life.

You may probably feel your favorite song boring or perhaps, your favorite cuisine overrated.

And when it comes to sex, you tend to avoid it because of a lack of pleasure.No sex is sure to lead to disdain between you and your partner.

it turns you into something you’re – an emotional fool.

Believe it or not, depression turns you into an emotional fool. (or at least makes you look like one.)

A person suffering from depression is bound to have sudden mood changes and extreme feelings for even the simplest of things.

You are bound to feel happy and sad at the very same time.And guess what?

These sudden mood swings don’t go well with your relatives or your spouse, and they no longer feel the same for you.

You may feel worthless

Depression often leads a person to think that he/she is worthless.They think there is nothing good they can contribute to society.

Depression would lead even a healthy and prosperous person to feel empty or trivial.

Even the love and care of your family doesn’t help.With depression, you could end up feeling all alone in a sprawling crowd.

And more often than not, this feeling of emptiness leads to dire consequences.Consequences leading unrecoverable damage.

There are several cases of people ending their own life due to the feeling of desolation under depression.

Depression can sure be hazardous and in some cases, even fatal.

So, it is recommended for family and friends not to reject a person grieving from depression.

Family and friends must take extra care of the depressed person irrespective of how they behave.

Do you think you suffer from depression?If yes, then how has it affected your life?If not, then tell us your way to deal with a depressed person.