How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)— an inability to get a prolonged erection has nullified the satisfactory sex lives over the centuries.

The written history talks about ED through archaic souvenirs like the Greek cup painting, Egyptian Tombs, and the Old Testament.

Just as the history throws light on the prevalence of ED, it also enlightens us about the formulas used by ancient people for getting the grip over it.

Over the ages, the different zone of the earth has devised different techniques to overcome ED.

The historical textbooks from 2500 BC of Chinese origin talk about the special potion extracted out of 22 ingredients.

The ancient Egyptians used superstitious methods like rubbing the crocodile’s heart on the penis. The less superstitious planning involved lotus flower was believed to work as a love drug for increasing the libido (sexual drive).

The effectivity of such methods are yet to be confirmed, but we can always appreciate their readiness for dethroning the disorder. The condensed efforts throughout the centuries have worked as the foundation bricks for more substantial ED drugs like Sildenafil and Generic Viagra.

If your sexual life is smacked by erectile dysfunction, worry not, you can apply these treatments in your life and regain the glorious sexual potency:

  • Use viagra: It is the most common treatment although it’s not an aphrodisiac. It gives an erection by filling the blood in the penis, but that’s not enough. Men have to wait for getting aroused. You may also use Cialis (Tadalafil) or Levitra (Vardenafil) as a sex stimulant drug.
  • Generic Viagra: The high cost of Viagra has led to the birth of Generic Viagra or Generic Sildenafil online. It functions exactly as Viagra but at the lower price. As the reported case for ED plunges quickly, generic Viagra may fill the overall demand of the market.

The higher production is another distinct advantage of generic viagra. It is expected to elevate the accessibility in every corner of the world and upgrade the standard of living, irrespective of the economic distribution.

  • Sticking to a healthy diet: Despite the direct impact of Sildenafil on your sexual experience, you should maintain a healthy diet. One of the studies indicates that the high vegetables and olive oil (Mediterranean diet) diet may play as a preventative factor. Adopting a healthy diet may lower the chances for ED.
  • Botox treatment: The research by Cairo University has revealed botox as an anti-erectile dysfunction substance. The botox is injected into the base of the penis, and this results in better blood flow. Making it as a viable solution for treating ED may resolve a lot of problem in economically backward continents like Africa.
  • Making distance from smoking: Although erectile dysfunctionality influence men above 40, the prevalence of ED on smokers is much higher. There’s no evidence that quitting cigarettes would improve the ED condition; however, by doing so, men reduce the chances of getting hit by a fresh case of ED.

The medical fraternity is in the constant search of other methods for treating ED, and so far, they have been successful in unearthing multiple ways.

As far as picking up the treatment, it is purely your choice to choose the way you want to be treated. So far now, Generic Sildenafil has been the first choice— credits to its ease in treatment.

StrapCart is one such unit which has taken the responsibility of treating Erectile Dysfunctionality by availing Generic Viagra at a paltry cost.

So, what would be your choice? How do you want to tackle ED? Brief us about the decisions you are willing to make.