How Your Profession Is Affecting Your Sex Life (Part 1)

How Your Profession Is Affecting Your Sex Life

We run like headless chickens to figure out what’s affecting our sex lives, but sometimes, the problems are too deeply rooted and against our visibility.Profession/occupation is one such factor which detriments sex life without giving a warning sign.

The different kinds of professions have different types of impact on sex life; however, not all occupations affect it— some may boost it too.Let’s check out the professions which induce sexual dysfunctions and degraded quality of sex sessions.


There’s no doubt regarding your fitness if you are a cyclist by profession.

Your profession demands skill, endurance, stamina, and indomitable attitude to give away the sophisticated luxury of motor vehicles and build a career around human-machines like the cycle.

However, anything in excess poses side-adversaries.Even excessive water (the most precious entity on earth) is harmful to health.

So, sweating your blood out during cycling might bring negative repercussions in your sex life.You should account the responsibility to the sizes of the cycle seats.The seats are either too small or too broad.

The seats press the pudendal nerves— the nerves which carry sexual sensation from the genital to the region around it.

As a result, the blood flow in the penis gets cut by a significant percentage— which is the ultimate cause of erectile dysfunction.

One of the studies revealed that the smaller seats reduce the blood influx by 66% and broader seats lower the blood flow by 25% in the penis. [1]

The shape of the seats also affects erectile capabilities.It is recommended to get the seats customized so that you don’t regret your decision later.

Gym trainers

I know how you love to boast about your physique, and how you take pride in training your disciples.I equally admire it because it needs the missing dedication from the majority of the population— including myself.

However, exercises have definite-impact on your sex life— both positively and negatively.It’s good to workout to enhance your cardiovascular activity and stamina which help you in enjoying prolonged sex.

But as mentioned, workouts beyond your skin might give rise to the condition called as “exercise hypogonadal male condition.”

In the stated condition, the testosterone and the luteinizing hormone get subdued— the primary sex hormone which gives the desire to indulge in sexual activities. [2]

Moreover, mental and physical fatigue meet at a point to snatch your libido— the urge to have sex.

The case doesn’t stay right with all the trainers.It means that you won’t necessarily have a low sex drive.It comes into reality when you work past your ability.

Hookah bar owners

Well, you need the claps of the loudest decibels for owning a hookah bar.It’s you who produce a stress-busting environment, it’s you who recreates the atmosphere.

But hey!

You are in the potential trap of your occupation.You might treat hookah as your friend, but hookah doesn’t love anyone.You deserve appreciation if you don’t smoke hookah; however, sometimes, passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking.

If you are a part of the smoking zone, you are likely to build plaque— the waxy substance— in your arteries.As the cross-sectional areas of arteries shrink, your penis fails to get the expected blood flow for erection— as a result; your penis dies during the sexual penetration.

Similarly, if you are actively involved in smoking your pipe, you have a far greater possibility of developing erectile dysfunction.

In general, the smoke produced by hookah and cigarettes gifts carbon monoxide to your body which you inhale happily only to block your arteries for aggravating your sex life and killing the quality of sex.

I don’t intend to disrespect your profession as each profession has its pros and cons; however; you should acknowledge the fact that a slight adjustment in the work style might return you the power of sex.