How Your Profession Is Affecting Your Sex Life (Part 2)

How Your Profession Is Affecting Your Sex Life

Sometimes, we rummage around to discover what’s killing our sex lives.

We make regular visits to the doctors/sex-therapists; we take help of superstitious assistance, or we also try to seek answers from our close circles; however, we don’t look at the reason sitting right under our nose.

Our occupation is one such reason which sits comfortably below our nose and affects our sex-lives, and what’s more disturbing is— we don’t even know it.We discussed a few of the professions which strike at our sex lives in the previous section.

In the given section, we shall explore some more professions which are indirectly snatching our sexual abilities, and affecting them without any notice.


There’s a saying “farmers are demi-gods who take care of the world.”Rightly so, because they take the responsibility of feeding the human race.

If you also practice farming, you deserve respect for the production, for the hard work, and the selfless attitude.However, farming doesn’t necessarily gift all that you want.

As the world has leaped technically, there’s a substantial change in farming method.The role of insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides have grown to another level.

A study has indicated that farmworkers who use these chemicals are more likely to develop sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction. [1]

The chemicals are potential pollutants which increase the cortisol level in the body— the stress hormone— which interferes with the testosterone and the luteinizing hormone— the primary sex hormones which define the sexual urge of any person. [2]

Apart from the toxicity of the chemicals, the farmers who practice shifting agriculture are likely to develop erectile dysfunction.The process of shifting agriculture involves the burning of the land which produces carbon monoxide.

The farmers who practice it regularly intake the smoke and develop plaque in the arteries including the nerves of the penis.It, in turn, limits the blood flow in the penis causing erectile dysfunction.


Well, if you are an IT-executive, let me say it loud: “the world spins around you.”Your contribution to society is unmatchable as you bring speed in our lousy lives.

I understand what it takes to be in this industry— hours of sincere dedication, constant concentration, etc. are merely one finger jobs for you.However, your ceaseless exposure to computers and mobile phones have a severe impact on your sex life. [3]

As the name suggests, the laptops when placed on the lap produce heat in the testicle region.The heat destroys the sperm quality and affects the testosterone level.

It also emits electromagnetic waves which have earned a negative name in lowering the testosterone level.Laptops and mobiles also disturb the circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is known to schedule and trigger all the activities in the body— including the sleep hormone (it’s why you feel sleepy every day at the same time).

With the more usage of the devices, you alter your circadian rhythm which interferes with the sleeping hormone— melatonin.As melatonin reduces, you feel sleep-deprived.With the lack of sleep, your body releases cortisol which limps your testosterone level, thereby, affecting your libido.

BPA industry worker

If your occupation is all about BPA plastic and epoxy resin, you have served humankind for protecting their foods and beverages.

However, while protecting their foods and beverages, you have insulted your security because BPA (bisphenol A) has shown potential impact on sex life by hampering the sexual functions.

The recent study on Chinese workers has indicated that BPA chemicals make way for erectile dysfunction and the fallen sex drive.

There’s no proper explanation behind the sexual-adversaries of BPA, but the workers of BPA work land were seven times more prone to low sex drive and four times more susceptible to developing erectile dysfunction. [4]

The worst part about occupational stress is that it degrades the quality of sex life, and doesn’t let us know.

Quick takeaway: If your sex life is taking a dramatic turn, make sure that your professional life remains the same. If change in professional life has brought change in your sex life, then you should stick to the older means of profession.