Let’s Shrug Off Sexual Frustration

Let’s Shrug Off Sexual Frustration

I didn’t know about sexual frustration until I heard about the rhetorical concept blurted by one of the politicians— “sexual frustration leads to rape.”

While the comment was purely controversial and outrageously stupid, I did do a lot of research about sexual frustration.

As far as my understanding, sexual frustration is real, and not its consequences.

So, any political statement regarding the rape case is entirely bizarre and uncalled.But, let’s keep that to another blog space.

Sexual frustration, like any frustration, is caused when you fail to get gratification.

A lot of people don’t get sexual partners and don’t get the opportunity to tame their sexual desire.

Others with partners may still feel the heat of sexual frustration because of the unsatisfied hunger for sex, and lack of desirable sexual intensity.

You may devise specific techniques to get better of sexual frustration.Let’s give them a bit of detailing space.

Take the matter into your own hands— Jerk Off!

“The man who helps himself is the man who sails beyond the oceans alone.”

If you don’t want to share your sexual frustration with anyone, you can literally take the matter into your own hands.

Encircle your penis within the periphery of your palm, and get started.

Jerking off releases a series of “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and “love” hormones like oxytocin.

Probably, it’s the reason why masturbation has been officially associated as an anti-stress agent.

Masturbation also sees to it that the flaps of your imagination open up, and you have been exploring your physical-self with entirety.

It sounds funny but “touch your penis, and treat the brain coated with frustration” in the heavenly connection through wanking off.

Stop over-rating the body image.

If you haven’t got a partner due to your body image, you are probably assuming it wrong.

It’s possible that your personality isn’t resonating with what others want.But again, it’s not the end of the road.

The world is a potpourri of good and bad people, and you may fall into the loving and worthy category.So, instead of hitting the low-floor of confidence, try to socialize.

Make sure that you aren’t socializing for gaining sex— you’ll get sex if you get someone’s attention and admiration.

Behave natural and shoot a real personality because maybe— just maybe— social gathering around positive thinkers would make up the sexual void in your life.

So, stop over-emphasizing your body image, and develop confidence for your physical-self because body-language has more to do with selecting sexual partners than the mere looks.

Making your bedroom a science lab.

The perfect way to mellow down the frustrating sexual scenes with your partner is by making your bedroom a science lab.

Didn’t comprehend?Get your brain out of the comfort zone— it needs a trigger.

Sometimes, monotoned sexual sessions as dry as a dust may detriment the relationship with your partner which will further the sexual agitation.

But we want to get over the boringly humdrum indulgence, and that begins with making our bedroom a science lab.

Try to experiment with the new ideas, explore the new sexual techniques, use intense sexual methods like role play and BDSM, watch the couple porns together and set the attainable goals.

Setting the new benchmarks and letting your partners know about may resolve your frustration.

To hell with the orgasm.

If you think that sex is about orgasms, ejaculations, and squirtings— you haven’t enjoyed the real sex.

If you can enjoy sex without setting up these small targets, why to set them in the first place?

Stop treating orgasm and ejaculation as the ultimate flag where you have to “stop the sprint.”

Sex is a marathon which gets best relished when you don’t think of these occasional “break-points.”

Instead, you want to get endowed with the prolonged sexual playtime because the idea of orgasm may put you under the scrutiny of performance anxiety, thereby giving rise to sexual frustration.

So, stay focused on sexual intercourse; the results will follow.

Are you sexually frustrated? If the condition doesn’t seem to leave you alone, get in touch with the sexologist.