Mobile Phones— A Worrying Trend In The Bedroom

Mobile Phones— A Worrying Trend In The Bedroom

Did you mull about having sex daily when you were in your teens, but by the time you reached your twenties, you could barely get an erection despite being bedded with a gorgeous spouse?

A person can’t have sex as much as he thinks he can in the later 20s and 30s.

When you newly develop sex hormones, you build virtual beliefs that you can be an animal on the bed throughout your life; however, you hit the reality when you get sex.

One of the surveys suggests that a person does sex twice or thrice in a week in his 20s, and that reduces to 1.6 times in a week in 30s.

It means that an average person indulges in sexual sessions just 9 to 10 times in a month. [1]

So, even when you are too positive and energetic about sex in your early teens, you’ll later discover that “sex is an ordinary activity which may make you feel bored.”

Well, that’s a surprising truth because frequent sex can bore you to death barring all the sexual imaginations of your childhood.

But it’ll be too harsh to blame only sexual frequency because other factors like mobile phones are equally responsible for affecting your sex life.

The change in sexual frequency.

Ever wondered why people pre-technology had more kids than the ones in the current era.Of course, it has a lot to do with contraception; howbeit, that’s not the only reason.

The overall sexual frequency has reduced because of the mobile devices in the room.

In the era before technology took over, the couples had everything to do with each other than to forking out their times on smartphones.

A piece of anecdotal evidence clearly states that mobile phones detriments the sex lives of couples.

A worrying study

Take a look at worrying review from the iPass mobile professional report released in 2016. [2]

The review got conducted on 1700 respondents which aimed to discover the priority.

Out of 1700 respondents, 40% said that they’d give up sex rather than their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Only 36% of people said that they would want sex as a priority.Rest of the respondents rated alcohol and chocolate necessary for a daily basis.

The surge in the use of mobile devices has made it clear that digital anxiety has entered not only in the room but on the bed, thereby making it more important than sex.

The impact of mobile phones on sex

Yes, mobile phones do impact your sex life if you solely consider the overall frequency; however, there’s a broader spectrum which you really need to check— and it’s about the quality of sex you do— if you do at all.

  • Phones are cooking your sex hormones: As mobile phones radiate electromagnetic waves, you and your sex hormones get exposed to its field radiation. Research indicated that long-term exposure to mobile phone radiations did shrink the serum testosterone level. Furthermore, since it’s the foundation of healthy sex, the reduction would degrade the quality of sex. [3]
  • Phones are libido murderer: You can’t enjoy sex unless you have the sexual fuel— the desire to submit and dominate your partner at the same moment. As the phones induce blue light, it interferes with the melatonin secretion— the hormone which makes your sleepy. The lack of sleep ensures that you feel tired throughout the day, and not giving a hoot to your partner’s sexual call because you are too low to give a damn.
  • Phone calls distract you: It’s tragic to learn that more than 1/3rd of people answer phone calls during sex. It’s a turn off your partner which kills the sexual momentum leading to the quarrel between the two. Adding butter to the slice, the men who spend more time gaming has low sex drive because nothing interests them other than virtual hysteria.

There’s no point in blaming the smartphones for distracting you. You are distracted because you choose to get distracted.

Smart people make use of mobile devices smartly where they manage a healthy balance between sex life and social life.