Pornography – Can It Help You Release Early?

Pornography - Can It Help You Release Early

Pornography is huge! It is everywhere.

There are about 26 million active porn site and over 46 million regular viewers across the world. [1]

When the internet happened, pornography was the first industry to make it big online. [2]

Such is the fascination of porn.You try and resist, but at some point, you are going to watch it.And it is not your fault; pornography has been luring people in since decades.

But have you thought what effect does it have on your life?Primarily, your sexual life?

Well, let us not assume that pornography is harmful.Let us discuss the possibilities and certainties of the effects of porn.

Why do even people watch it in the first place?

If you ask anyone about why they watch porn, they’ll probably reply, “Just to pass the time” or “To satisfy my sexual desires.”Well, that is only partly true.

The real reason behind watching porn, believe it or not,  is how your brain works.

It is a fact that your brain desires to do something adventurous, something never seen/done before.And in achieving this, it becomes highly variable.

It leaps from one idea to another in a flash.And it achieves the so-called ‘adventure’ by watching porn.

When someone watches porn, the idea of watching something unusual quenches the thirst of their brain to do something adventurous.

It puts the brain in a relaxed state and of course, in a sexually excited state too.

And this state of the brain accelerates the hormone processes and makes a person ejaculate earlier.

How good is watching porn?

Porn effectively has the power to determine what kind of a guy you are and what are your likes and dislikes.It also helps you in numerous ways.

One of the ways it helps you is by amplifying your standards when it comes to women.

It also helps you become great in bed.When you watch porn, you understand the art of lovemaking.

You become the guy who likes to please his woman before getting right to the sex.

So if you watch porn and learn something good out of it, it can be immensely beneficial for your sexual life.But be mindful of the fragile line that separates good porn from the bad.

Pornography boosts you sexually

There is hardly anyone who’d say no to watching porn.

A study returned that about 75% of the people would respond positively to watching porn.[3]

Well, take it as you want, but the positive response isn’t a bad thing.

Watching porn has been known to boost sexual energies and to increase libido levels.

And when you parallel it with some yoga, and a few other breathing exercises, you will feel relaxed, energized and refreshed.

Not just that, there are many other benefits of combining exercises and increased libido levels (by watching porn) than mentioned above.

You will be able to do it better than others.

You must think that watching porn makes you ejaculate earlier.But it is contrary.

Pornography helps you last longer in bed by relaxing you and letting you take your time to finish.

But these things don’t apply to newbies.It is solely for the pros.

You must be aware of not over watching porn and must know when is it time to stop watching porn; and that only a pro can do.But then, come to think of it, every pro was once a beginner.

So need not hesitate.Watching porn and controlling yourself in time will get you there, eventually.

And once you get habituated to watching good porn, it will help significantly in intensifying your performance in bed by making you feel relaxed and laid back.

Do you watch porn, too?

Tell us your thought about the effects of watching porn on your life.