Precautions After Organ Transplant

Precautions After Organ Transplant

Our body’s immune system is always armed with weapons to attack the foreign germs. That sounds like impeccable warriors.

But unfortunately, they are brainless warriors who are always prepared to attack anything which comes their way, even when it comes to the life-saving transplanted organs.

It’s the reason why we give immunosuppressant drugs to numb these headless warriors.

And over a brief time, our bodies get used to the external organ, and they all live in peace and harmony; however, let’s not under-appreciated these warriors because the dose of immunosuppressants might create a cordial relationship between the body’s defense system and the transplanted organ but increase the risk of catching other infections.

With low immune power, your body needs extra precautions so that the relationship between the newly transplanted organs and immune system remains harmonious without the external attack of other infectious germs.

So, it’s imperative for you to take immunosuppressant to make your organ work, and in the quantity which doesn’t catch the infection.

Trust me that takes more balancing than the magician gliding on the rope.Let’s discover some of the methods by which you can keep yourself infection-free after the organ transplant.

  • Look to cleanse your hand: It is by far the most basic and best practice to stay away from the germs. You can develop as dangerous as Hepatitis A disorder by neglecting to wash your hands. In case of unavailable facilities, make a habit of carrying hand sanitizers or ointments, and schedule a proper washing time.
  • Stay away from sick people: If you hate socializing, it’s probably the best time for you. You’d love organ transplant because it’s when you shall avoid meeting people, especially who are sick. For the better system, make sure that you minimize contact with everyone and live in your cube of air. If you are supposed to visit the sick person, ensure that you maintain a fair distance with them, and don’t forget to make yourself a Batman by using plague doctor costume.
  • Have a decent interspace with vaccinated people: Again, it’s a golden opportunity to unleash your social anxiety disorder and convert it into a boon. Make a decent interspace with the people who have recently got vaccinated. Some vaccines like mumps, measles, rubella (MMR), and varicella (chickenpox) have virus and bacterias in them. As the vaccines get injected into the body, the receivers also get these viruses. Next time when you meet someone, don’t fail to ask about vaccination. The moment they announce yes— just RUN.
  • Suppress your gregariousness: If you are an extrovert who loves crowd and gathering at parties, theaters, and malls; the precaution is likely to be tough for you. But again, what matters to you? Your life or a momentary pleasure in socializing? If you love your life, see to it that you don’t see anyone around you, i.e., let go of your extrovert nature until you completely recover.
  • Goodbye Tommy and Puss: We know that it’s difficult to say goodbye to your pets at this hour because when you don’t socialize, you got to have someone to take care of you. But to warn you, neither you are going to care for your pets, nor will they care for you. They carry germs which might result in dangerous infection. You don’t necessarily have to throw them out, but make sure that you don’t touch them and don’t expect them to do the same.
  • Let someone else grow your weed: Oh, I know you are an environmentalist, and it is why you love gardening. But with a low immune system, you are prone to germ-infection present in the soil. Instead, you can hire someone to weed your garden, and make sure that you isolate yourself from the gardener too.
  • Convince your family: When you undergo an organ transplant, your family needs to be clean too. Convince your family to wash away their sins, and of course, their germs as they come close to you every time.