STDs – 5 Reasons Why You Must Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 2)

STDs - 5 Reasons Why You Must Consult Your Doctor Immediately (Part 2)

When your sexual adventures turn into a nightmare, that’s how you know you have contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

STD’s are caused due to viruses that are transmitted from one person to another during sexual intercourse.

But there are other times when STDs are passed on to another person non-sexually; such as from a mother to an infant during pregnancy.

If you have had unprotected sex with a partner of whom you’re doubtful of, there are high chances that you have contracted an STD.

You can even be infected by a person who seems normal and healthy and shows no signs of any STD.

It is because they may have contracted an STD and are not yet aware of it.Here are some of the most common symptoms of STDs.

The pain down there.

If you are having pain down there, there is undoubtedly something wrong with your body.

Testicular pain is one of the most common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Not just that, testicular pain can also be a mere symptom that can be related to other complications in your body.

So if there is even a minor pain in your testicles, you must get yourself checked right away.

Confusing it with stomach pain can be your biggest mistake.

There are multitudinous instances where people have mistaken lower abdomen pain with stomach pain.

Mistaking lower abdomen pain with stomach pain can be your biggest mistake.

Numerous are the cases where men and women suffering from STDs experience lower abdomen pain.

So if you have even a sparsest of lower abdomen pain, it is time you see a doc.

Your partner’s past

If you have intercourse with your partner whom you know and trust, you still have chances of having STD.How is it possible?

Well, there are times when a person is suffering from STD but isn’t aware of it because of no symptoms.

And if your partner is one of them, have contracted STD and isn’t aware of it, you may end up contracting an STD, too.

Your wish to conceive remains a wish.

Do you wish to become a parent?Are you trying for it?And has it still not been possible for you?

If you are trying hard to conceive but are unable to conceive for some reason, chances are you are suffering from an STD.Some STDs are known to render you infertile.[1]

So when you aren’t able to conceive after doing everything right, an STD check may be the only thing you need.

Variable symptoms may lead you astray.

Major STDs such as HIV don’t show any symptoms until a year or two after contraction.

But, they often trigger sudden and unusual symptoms such as fatigue or tiredness.

As time passes by, HIV signals its presence with a specific symptom such as oral candidiasis. [2]

This is when you get to know that you need a test.

So when you feel like you might be suffering from an STD, it is always an advisable stop to get yourself checked.

The more you hesitate, the more you put yourself in jeopardy.A step taken in time can be a life savior.

If a disease is discovered in its early stages, there are high chances of it being cured by medicine.

If you do not get yourself checked while in doubt, it may be too late for any cure.

Do you think you may have contracted an STD?Get yourself check and be sure about the status of your health.Because if you don’t, it can be unknowingly transferred to your