The Factors Which Suppress The Female Sexual Desire

The Factors Which Suppress The Female Sexual Desire

Are you one of those women who has been battling the issues with suppressed sexual desire? Is it affecting your relationship? Don’t worry you are not in this battle alone.

Research has exposed that 43 % of women 31 % of men are suffering from some sexual disorders. As it is still a taboo, people refrain from discussing it in public and hence, suffer quietly.

Sexual desire is caused by the libido in our body which is controlled by the brain.The state of being sexually aroused causes a lot of changes in the body.

Thanks to the power of medical advancement, most of the sexual diseases are treatable now, but it is essential to share the problems with your partner and see a doctor.

What is lack of sexual arousal?

It is generally caused due to lack of libido which refrains you from sexual thought and sexual activities.

It needs a hell of an effort to entice women as they seek proper sexual stimulation before sex.

So here are a few symptoms of lack of sexual arousal.

  1. Not interested in having sex.
  2. Lack of sensual thoughts or fantasies.
  3. Restricting the attempt of the partner to heat things up.
  4. No response to sexual stimulus be it read, heard or watched).
  5. No excitement or failed to turn on during sex.

Now, what are the underlying factors which are keeping you from being sexually aroused?

The reason can be physical which comprises of less genital lubrication, sensation, and congestion or it can be subjective such as loss of interest, stress or dissatisfaction from the interpersonal relationship.

Not all problems are the same, and not all of them have the same reason. The issues vary from women to women. We can categorize the problems of arousal in women in the following ways:

  1. Primary – When a woman has enough sexual desire and sexual stimulation but has not been fortunate enough to be blessed with a partner who can satisfy those desires. If a woman has never experienced sufficient arousal, she develops difficulties with time.
  2. Secondary – When a woman has had better sexual experiences in the past and has been intensely aroused but currently cannot hit that intensity.
  3. Non-situational – When women are not able to get turned on in any sexual situation.
  4. Situational – When the arousal of women depends on specific situations.

When the release of hormones, estrogens [1] and androgens [2] decrease in the body, the desire to have sex also decreases.

Other reasons which suppress the sexual desire are thyroid, diabetes, abnormality in prolactin, infection in the vaginal or urinary tract, surgery and use of radiation.

Just like smoking and consumption of alcohol retards your health, they also cause a significant impact on your sexual life.

Some women also go through depression and anxiety regarding the imperfections of their body like small breast or overweight or performance pressure can kill the mood and restricts the arousal.

It is vital to let your partner know what stimulates the desire in you or guide their hands during through your sensitive points during sex. Lack of communication will leave you unsatisfied.

How can you help yourself?

The first thing is taking suggestions from a doctor. Once you have taken medicines or went through the treatment, there are a few things which you can do to help yourself.

For getting back the sexual desire, it is necessary to know what turns you on. If you can manage to have one satisfying sexual experience, you will yearn for more.

Try reading erotic books or watch DVDs to find out what you like exactly. Take help of the vibrators and clitoral stimulators to trigger the sensory buds.

Ask your partner to get involved with you in sexual games. Wear sexy lingerie to make yourself feel competent and confident.

Let us know in the comments if your stories of sexual disorders and how you have managed to overcome it.