What to do if you’re ED Medicines Don’t Work?

What to do if you’re ED Medicines Don’t Work

Oral medicines are the easiest way for handling sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction (ED). ED or impotence can be temporary and permanent. In case it is permanent, it can only be reversed. The symptoms of impotence can be minimized and men can gain sexual pleasure normally. For some men, dealing with ED isn’t that easy!

What if you’re prescribed oral medicines that don’t work? How to find the right medicines? When do you know if the prescribed male enhancer will work effectively? A lot of questions exist. In this blog, we’ve tried to help out males looking for a better oral treatment for impotence that works.

5 Things to Try When You’re ED Medicines Don’t Work

1. Stop Taking Contradicting Drugs

One of the biggest mistakes that most men make is they don’t disclose their ongoing medicines to the doctor. It is an important step and you should not miss out. Tell your doctor if you’re taking any kind of medicine. You don’t know whether the medicines you’re taking are making your ED pill ineffective because some of them do. For instance, antidepressants, sleeping pills, antifungal medicines, nitrates, poppers, etc. are not advisable to use with male enhancer drugs.

In case you’re using Cenforce Soft or Fildena Double 200 and taking such contradicting drugs too then the effectiveness will likely be at bay.

2. Use ED Pills at the RIGHT Time

Second important thing is to watch the time you’re using your impotence pills at. For example, if you’re taking the medicine right before penetrating then it will not be effective as expected. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes for any ED pill to be effective. If you aren’t maintaining this gap between romance and penetration then you cannot expect firm erections.

No matter if you’re using Vidalista 80 or Kamagra Oral Jelly, it takes at least 15 to 30 minutes to activate. So, keep the time gap as expected and you’ll see the difference.

3. Watch your Food Intake

Keep this in mind – never have your impotence pills with heavy/fatty meals. If you eat a stomach full of heavy or oily food then it’ll delay the effectiveness of ED medicines. Hence, the medicine that is supposed to be effective within 30 minutes takes 1 hour. You’ll then feel like it is not working while the mistake is from your end!

4. Carry Out Certain Lifestyle Changes – They’re Necessary!

Practice some lifestyle changes like meditation, Yoga, and light exercises like walking, cardio, etc. for maintaining good health. Be it your physical or psychological well-being, such lifestyle changes will reflect well. By the time you’re using ED pills, get indulged in a healthy regime too.

5. Never Overdose

So, you think your ED medicine isn’t working? What would you do? You’ll feel like one pill is not giving results so let me have more. Maybe it’ll work. No, it isn’t so. You’re going to cause serious harm to your health by overdosing on ED medicines. It is not a good option but the worst decision you’ll ever make. The consequences can be as severe as coma or death. Hence, stay away from this thought.

Final Lines

As you’re here, you’ve now discovered some serious mistakes you may be making but are unaware of them. Now as you know, don’t repeat them to make the most out of your ED medicine.