HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 2)

HIV/AIDS— Masking Off All The Myths (Part 2)

HIV/AIDS needs serious debunking because it’s one of the most misinterpreted diseases which kills patients more with humiliation and shame rather than the virus itself.

As it also induces depression, it’s a challenging downward spiral for the affected patients.

So, without making further delays, let’s knock the bottom out of these myths with ease.

The person under HIV therapy can’t disseminate HIV anymore.

Usually, the person seeking HIV medical attention undergo antiretroviral or protease inhibitor therapy— the medication therapy which suppresses the action of enzymes known for laying the ecosystem for virus replication.

Since the therapies subdue the virus multiplication, the chances of viral dissemination reduce; however, you can’t make your body free of the HIV— all you could do is control it.

All the existing therapies revolving around HIV inevitably dissolve the chances of virus transfusion; howbeit, abolishing all the viruses from the body is nearly impossible for the current science.

Building a relationship with healthy-being prevents HIV threat.

Under all circumstances, you should build relationships with healthy beings as, in a cascading effect, it takes care of your health too.

Nonetheless, you still bear chances for establishing HIV infection, and the reason is relatively simple— HIV is not always caused by sexual intimacy.

If your barber uses old blades, your doctor uses used syringe, or if you receive the infected blood during blood transfusion (thanks to the carelessness of the blood banks); you may still catch the infection.

As young as eight years old kids are diagnosed with HIV positive, and I am pretty sure they didn’t shove their shafts into the murky-HIV affected caves.

Oral sex such as fellatio and cunnilingus have nothing to do with HIV.

As oral sex adds rigorous dimension to the sex lives, the patients with HIV infection try to find the holy grail in them.

But the reality is far away from what they think.

It may lead to the transfusion of HIV infection if the infected semen comes in direct contact with the mouth ulcer, cut, sore area, etc.

HIV mainly spreads through four significant carriers— semen, vaginal liquid, mother’s milk, and blood transfer.

If you have been finding ways to gulp these through the oral route, make sure that you have a healthy gum, pipes, and entire mouth.

While you may enjoy oral sex sessions with the relaxed state of mind, you might lay bricks for your own decomposition.

Ayurveda can aid HIV condition.

If someone says that Ayurveda can treat HIV, the person is probably running a cultural-agenda.

Let me bring to your notice— no person has ever been cured of HIV.

Ayurveda may treat and bring back the infection level to the bearable level; however, claiming it to be the sole vessel which leads to heaven is baseless from all the fronts.

A lot of cultural-frauds may harness money out of your fear, and you may happily fritter all your fortune only to find yourself in the worst condition.

So, it’s strictly advised for you to look for the medical experts rather spending your time and fortune in ill-informed swindlers.

The act of kissing makes room for HIV.

While practicing oral Kiss is mostly safe under vigorous conditions, the particular types of kisses such as French Kiss may marginally create the room for HIV to breed in your circulatory system.

If both the involved partners have ulcers, cuts, slits, or sore region in the mouth; and if blood exchanges from one ulcer to the other, then it will undoubtedly lead to HIV infection.

However, the probability of such transfusion is very less, and hence, kissing is generally considered safe while harboring HIV in your body.

You also need to look for your bleeding gums and skin wounds if you want to engage in sexual acts with your partner because it’s easier for the blood to get into the bloodstream with the unpaid attention.

Here’s the good news, HIV doesn’t spread through saliva, but if you taste the infected blood of your partner, saliva may assist the blood into the system, thereby contributing to HIV.

Wait for the next debunking part. Until then, practice safe sex.