Common Problems in Sex Life

Common Problem In Sex Life

Distinctness of sexual desires among couples is one of the most common issues in sex lives. However, men and women have different issues when it comes to sexual intimacy. Females usually experience stress, fatigue, ashamed in their bodies, etc. On the other hand, men experience performance anxiety, financial stress, work pressure, and so on. When such issues are not paid attention to, they become a reason for unhealthy sex life.

We are here to discuss the common problems in sex life so that you can address and solve those issues instead of suffering.

Not Having ‘Time for Sex’

The logic is – you’ll never have time for sex, you’ll have to make time for intimacies. One of the biggest reasons for your hampered sex life could be not sparing time for sex. We all lead busy lives but it does not mean you cannot spare some precious moments for your partner. Needless to say, it becomes a reason for fights and divorce in relationships. Sometimes, when you’re extremely engaged in other life activities and don’t pay attention to your partner the likelihood of an extra-marital affair increases too.

Hence, don’t make any excuses for getting intimate or having sex. The golden rule is to go to bed with a feeling of contentment, whether it is about other life activities or having quality time with your partner.

Poor Health Conditions

Sometimes, your unwillingness for sexual intimacy isn’t natural but stemming due to medical illness. For instance, poor cardiovascular health, kidney or liver disease, prostate surgery, etc are a few reasons you may not feel the potential enough to give 100% for sex. On the contrary, the ongoing medications may trigger impotence time-being or cause low desires for intimacy. It is thus recommended to see your doctor whenever you experience such shifts in sexual desires so that the underlying cause is determined.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is a sexual disorder that makes them suffer from softer erections insufficient enough for penetrating during intimacies. Men suffering from ED experience sexual excitement but impotence keeps them from enjoying intimacies unless they use oral remedies. For instance, medicines like Kamagra Polo, Cenforce 200mg, Malegra 50mg, Vidalista 10mg, etc are popularly prescribed for maximizing sexual pleasure. Not only do they allow men to penetrate with desired hardness but also let couples experience intimacy and fun for up to 5 hours. They make men forget if they had impotence.

Make sure you talk to your doctor and find an effective solution instead of weeping over the symptoms of ED.

Low Libido Issues

Be it, men or women, they experience low sex drive at some point in their lives. It’s normal. Confront this feeling and get over it with a legit oral remedy. There is no ‘one model fits all’ for low libido. Some may suffer from it temporarily while others may suffer from it for a longer period. Also, different reasons are responsible for this.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy among Partners

Your emotional bonding must be stronger than your physical bond with your partner. They should be the only person you would need whenever you want someone to talk to. People fail to make love to their partners most of the time. After all, lovemaking is mistaken for sex while it can be caring and expressing affection towards each other too. Find out ways to keep the love alive and grow a bond stronger with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship, just engaged, or married for 10 years, expressing love never goes out of fashion. Make your partner realize that they are loved and you still want them as you used to before.