These 5 Beauty Brands Are ACTUALLY Trying To Save The Planet


Tender concerning the earth is embedded in our DNA—it’s the “green” in mindbodygreen, it’s our entire Planet section, and it’s taken hub stage at the past two mbgrevitalize occurrence. It makes sense, then, that sustainability is an  vital part of our beauty spirit. What is beauty if it’s hurt our environment?

While any small  modification and financial contribution to a sustainability cause or base is praiseworthy, the Earth First award is reserved for the truly environmentally severe brands that are innovating by design. They’re questioning long-held business standards and making unexampled change to impair plastic and packaging, considering ingredients with respect to planetary toxicity, and are employing encouragement -based recycling programs. These stamps have structurally embedded their sustainability  worth, have goals of becoming carbon- indifferent and/or zero waste, and are trailblazing for all beauty establishment to follow.

malice best intentions, one’s attractive for the perfect cat eye and flawless skin can come at a cost to the environment. But whether you have a fully-stocked, Pinterest-qualified beauty room or you can fit all of your essentials into a single makeup bag, there are  all times simple ways to reduce your carbon  vestige.

Seed Phytonutrients

Consider this brand-new brand an Earth Day angel: Seed Phytonutrients remains mindful of the environment from ingredients’ harvest to your shower. To protect seeds from over-commercialization, the beauty brand partners with independent American organic farmers and only uses cold press and expeller methods to extract oil from their seeds (rather than solvents). What’s more: They support organic farmers by paying for all their crops up front, no matter their yield and they use environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable packaging for all of their products. No small feat considering that even the shower-friendly products are made from paper and 100-percent post-consumer recycled plastic liner, resulting in 60 percent less plastic than a traditional bottle.


From sourcing ingredients from nature,  range over non-toxic alternatives, to using renewable power such as wind and solar power to produce products and transporting goods in recycled cardboard shippers, source is  manufacture major steps in the sustainable beauty space.

Additionally, the imprint only works with factories that bestead zero waste to landfills and never use styrofoam peanuts (or leaflets!) when shipping product. Even their shopping bags are made from 100 percent recycled craft paper that’s also almost recyclable. For added green points,  source even launched the Plant-A-Tree program to aid reforestation projects around the world in a partnership with the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf institute. So far, they’ve planted over 750,000 trees.

Eminence Organics

For every product buy , Eminence plants a tree in a  growing country to fight deforestation through their ongoing partnership with Trees for the Future. The skin-care and makeup seal also provides families with the  inculcation and tools necessary in order to create their own tree nurseries, which allows them to not only profit but  basement their own basic needs. In 2006, they became the first skin-care brand to sapling over five million trees (the number’s currently at nine million, NBD).

Love Beauty and Planet     

In case the name didn’t give it away, the newest individual care line from Unilever is  laying its focus on the earth. “Beauty and its environmental effect are inseparable and that’s why we undeniable to do things a little  apart,” says Malhotra. “We all understand that there is an effect of everything we do. Small efforts that can show our  reverence to the planet that so  liberally gives to all of us is always a good idea. object is at the heart of everything we do. We have  assessed every aspect of our product life cycle to make something that consumers would love to use but also feel good about using. We want to create a society of consumers that want to look good while doing good, because it’s  feasible!”

Even some of the products were created to boost sustainability and put the  centeron natural ingredients. For example, take their wash Mist. “We were  stimulate by dry shampoo that can help you save water by enlarge the time between showers, so we developed a cleansing mist that aims to freshen your skin and save water,” says Matthew Seal,  exploration & Development Partner, Unilever. “This product cleans off waste without the need for water. We like it when you are on the go and don’t have time to have a drizzle during the day. For example, it helps cleans the perspire from a yoga class or  renew you after a busy day at work before your evening plans.” Then there’s the 3-in-1  advantage Oil that really shows off some of the natural ingredients they use. It’s silicone-free and rich in natural oils like coconut, avocado and grape seed. The multitasker is great for nutrimental dry hair ends, as a pre-shampoo oil to treat  harmful hair, or for giving strands natural shine.