Cenforce 200mg

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Buy Cenforce 200mg Online are an impotence medication that allows a man to sustain erect male genitalia for up to 6 hours. This tablet has aided to restore confidence to millions of men from around the world facing erectile dysfunction.


Generic Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Centurion Lab
Pharmaceutical Tablet/s
Strength 200mg
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Buy Cenforce 200mg Online

Cenforce 200mg

Buy Cenforce 200mg from strapcart. Cenforce 200mg (Sildenafil Citrate Tablets) is a new generation extra-strength medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction, based on sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in regular Cenforce 200mg (Sildenafil Citrate Tablets) and other similar ED medicines. It is one of the forms of sildenafil citrate 200mg. Cenforce 200mg (Sildenafil Citrate Tablets) helps both get and maintain an erection by affecting the response to sexual stimulation. Sildenafil citrate acts by enhancing smooth muscle relaxation. This smooth muscle relaxation allows increased blood flow into certain areas of the penis, leading to an erection. This can include kissing or touching. Once a man takes Cenforce 200mg and has sex, his erection will go away after intercourse, just like it would normally.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

It has been estimated that around 140 million men worldwide suffer from impotence. Over half of all men with impotence are thought to have some physical (medical) cause. The remainder is believed to have psychogenic causes of impotence. Medical causes of impotence include diabetes and circulatory, neurological, or urological conditions.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection for satisfactory s**ual activity. Erectile dysfunction is different from other conditions that interfere with male s**ual intercourse, such as lack of s**ual desire and problems with ejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction.

How Cenforce 200mg treats erectile dysfunction problems?

It belongs to a group of medicaments known as PDE5 inhibitors. In order to understand exactly how the medication works, it is necessary to understand the physiological mechanism of erection.

After the s**ual arousal, nitrogen oxide is released into the corpus cavernous body of the p*nis. After releasing Nitrogen oxide actives the enzyme called guanylate cyclase leading to the synthesis of cyclic GMP or cGMP. Cyclic GMP interacts with the smooth muscles of the cavernous body causing them to relax. As a result, more blood flows to the p*nis and the erection is achieved.

Cyclic GMP is inactivated by the enzyme PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type-5. By inhibiting this enzyme, Sildenafil citrate increases the amount of cyclic GMP and thus improves erection. The main advantage of Sildenafil and other PDE5 inhibitors is that is works only in presence of s**ual stimulation meaning that it resembles the natural mechanism of erection.

What is Cenforce?

Cenforce contains an active ingredient Sildenafil which is an FDA-approved medication used to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. After being introduced in 1998, It’s become the most popular treatment for erectile dysfunction issues. Cenforce 120mg is a fast-acting medication that can last up to four hours. It works well for men at any age, regardless of how long the patient has been having issues getting and maintaining an erection.

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