Looking At Sugar Beyond Diabetes

Looking At Sugar Beyond Diabetes

It’s like a reflex action that we connect sugar with diabetes anytime we here one of the two.

Sugar is used as a pejorative term for diabetes where we often say “he has a sugar problem,” “she is high on sugar,” etc.We need a subtle change in the way we perceive sugar.

We got to look it beyond because it not only throws the health down the tubes relating to diabetes but also other health concerns which may deteriorate our standard of livings.

We should begin with associating sugar with other diseases because, in reality, sugar affects your health in the ways you can’t see.

So, let’s find out why shall we stop linking sugar with diabetes, and start finding the relationship between sugar and our lifestyle.

The perimeter of your belly will grow.

If you love consuming junk crammed with sugar, you are likely to grow your belly-circumference.The sugar in your diet has a lot of fructose molecule.

It’s relatively more comfortable for the body to convert fructose into fat via the liver than it is for turning glucose into the same.

The study confirms the same that the fructose is metabolized into fats easily. [1]

And you know it better that the excessive presence of fat will replicate more fat cells until you feel heavy enough for yourself.

Next time, when someone asks you about your “sugar problem,” he is probably hinting at your broken button near the belly region and not diabetes.

The cross-section of your vessels will shrink.

While sugar makes your belly look expanded externally, it shrinks your blood vessels internally.Generally, the walls of the arteries grow and replace after some time.

But sugar is known to enhance the rate of growth of walls, thereby adding the extra bit of pressure on the heart to pump quickly.

If the heart fails to catch the required rate of the blood flow, or if it couldn’t resist the added tension— it may cause several cardiovascular diseases which also include cardiac arrest and strokes.

Furthermore, the arteries in the body need nitric oxide for conducting swift blood flow; but the glucose in the sugar reverses the action by inducing hormone which constricts them. [2]

Start taking care of your blood vessels.

The immune system of your body will sleep.

It’s the worst what refined sugar can gift your body.

With the weak immune system, you are wide-open to receive any disease at any time.Sugar warrants a bad immune system with low white blood cells count.

In some of the respondents, the high sugar ingestion has modified the operation of white blood cells by giving rise to the inflammatory markers.

A responsible immune system sees to it that the infection in the body stays at the bay by engulfing it.

However, the effect on the central immune system would stop the immune system from attacking the infection.

It’s where our body starts blossoming up the other comorbid diseases related to sugar and diabetes.

So, it’s incredibly vital for you to cut down the sugar intake.

The skin of your body will look aged.

If you wish to look like a sexagenerian man even if you are at the thirties, you shall continue to put sugar into your breadbasket.

The secret of healthy, good-looking, wrinkle-free skin is the collagen— the building bricks of your skin cells.

The only problem with these collagens is that they are in love with the sugar molecules.

When a lot of sugar molecules float around them, they create a loving bond with them— the bond which ultimately interferes with the action of the collagen, thereby slowing down the new skin cell production.

It’s the process where collagen sacrifices its flexibility and strength to maintain kinship with the sugar molecule.

So, it’s sad that your collagens don’t think of you, and why should they?After all, you are the one who has given them authority.

So, it’s high time now that you begin to look sugar beyond diabetes because it can literally bring tens and hundreds of diseases with it.

So, when are you sticking to the sugar-free diet?