The Habits Making Your Skin Oiler (Part 2)

The Habits Making Your Skin Oiler (Part 2)

As we discussed the overly-protective nature of skin in the previous section, we are set to bring in the new write-up to shed more light on the personality of the surface.

Some skins are programmed to produce oil, no matter what you do.

You can’t alter their code; however, you can confuse them to a level where they will stop producing the oil as much as they create in their defense against external variables like moisture, humidity, irritants, dust, etc.

Let’s check how your bad habits have propelled the skin to yield more oil.

Your love towards pore-clogging products— Stop building mountains.

When you pour the plastics in the gutters, you get the clogged drains.

Similarly, when you use big-molecule cosmetics and products, you get the clogged pores.

Sometimes, the oil on the skin is enough to clog the pores.Using pore-clogging products aggravate the skin condition where the oil doesn’t get enough space to get out of the pores.

To make it worse, the stagnant oil which fails to exit the pores invite the bacterias furthering the blockage.They will affect your hair follicle, and harm the oil gland.

With higher infection on the surface, your skin will get irritated and produce more oil— which will continue to get clogged under the pores.

To avoid the mountainous acnes and their breakouts, use the products which state— non-comedogenic— the symbol of non-clogging pores products.

You are over-cleansing with your brush— Control the paradoxical effect.

How many times do you brush your teeth?Once?

Well, I know you love your face more than your teeth— and it is why you rub your skin thrice or even five times a day with the cleansing brush.

Although the cleansing brush is of great help; if you have oily skin, you will get clogged pores.

Once you agree to the stated fact, you will do more good for your skin by not irritating it time and again.The more you wipe off, the higher the signal to your skin.

As a result, it will again engender oil in it defense calling out “if you can do good, I can do even better.”But we are not in a spat with our skins.

We have to make it understand with love that “We will rub you just once in a day, so you better don’t fume in anger.”And that’s how you will control the paradoxical effect of the skin.

You enjoy oily makeups— That’s nothing but piling up.

When you already have oily skin, does it make sense to paste another layer of oil to your skin?

The rationale behind using the makeup should be fair and straightforward— use contrary to your skin type.

If your skin is dry, use moisturizer good enough to make the skin barrier intact, and if your skin is oily, use oil-free cosmetics like foundation, primers, & concealers.

The idea is to balance the moisturizing factors with the type of skin you possess.So, stop piling up the layer of oil when you already have it naturally.

Your stress gets the worst out of you— That is the oil.

When you feel stressed, you are not only challenging yourself mentally or physically but also skinically (if that word exists).Well, that’s true.

Your stressed body tends to release stress hormone— cortisol.The cells which produce natural oil on the skin have stress hormone receptors.

It means that with stress, the cells get agonized and they produce more oil on the surface.The increasing oil level creates favorable condition for acne breakouts.

Hence, you may shout that “stress brings the best out of you,” but in reality, “it brings the worst out of you, i.e., the oil.”

Using retinoids such as Isotretinoin— the derivative of natural vitamin A, you can manage the oiliness on your skin.