Strapcart has a 100% Satisfaction Assure.

If for some cause, your order doesn’t present up or is broken in transit, we’ll ship you one other package deal or issue you a full refund as per your request. If nonetheless, you received a partial order, we’ll issue you a full refund, after which cost your Credit Card once more for the remaining balance (so you’re totally refunded, and then charged only for the product (s) you obtained).

We will ask you to first enable 30 business days from the day the order was shipped. If after these 30 days, you haven’t received the package, or if you received any notification that your package was on maintain or returned to sender, please send us a ticket (Refund Part) and we’ll care for your request promptly.

Please Notice: When you have any queries relating to your transaction, please contact us by sending a mail (or ticket from the Help Part)